Raheel’s Doctrine Serves National Interests!

Right from the day General Raheel has been handed over the command of Pakistan Army, he has gained respect of the people of Pakistan just because of his dedication and commitment towards his motherland. Initiative of final push to terrorists with large scale successful military operation proved that whatever General has done is for the national interest.

As soon as Operation Zarb e Azb was started it started producing fruits which were beneficial for the entire country and even for the upcoming generations. Projects like China Pakistan Economic Corridor were started in Pakistan which has Billions of annual revenue ones completed and it was all started due to the changing situation of the country which was possible after a successful military operation against militants.

General Raheel Sharif earlier stated that the Military Operation launched by the Armed Forces was for the upcoming generations, which aims to lay a path for the upcoming generations to come and flourish. Pakistan is blessed with every blessing one can ask for, we are blessed with several tourist resorts and the only hurdle currently Pakistan was facing was terrorism which had affected its tourism industry, sports industry, trade industry etc. No country was ready to invest in Pakistan due to the security concerns, foreigners were afraid to visit Pakistan for tourism due to the terror threats and same was the case with International sports teams who avoided their visits to Pakistan. But by the successful military operation which aimed to destroy the safe havens of terrorists peace has prevailed in the country and foreigners are getting attracted again towards Pakistan.

Moreover General has kept good relations with the wide world where he has earned several awards for fighting an exemplary war and bringing back Pakistan to the right place. His tactics to work with foreign world and increase defense to defense cooperation has worked where Pakistan has benefitted a lot from the wider world through joint exercises.

On the other side Pakistani nation is sick and tired of its civil leadership who has done nothing for the state and had concentrated on their own goals i.e to gather maximum wealth. Successful countries are not run like that; both civil and military leaderships need to play their part in order to make the country prosper. It’s time for civil leadership to think wisely and work on the goal of national interest the way General Raheel is doing, that’s the main reason Pakistani nation is not allowing General Raheel Shareef to retire because they know that Raheel’s doctrine serves the national interest and they want the same doctrine to continue.


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