Sacrifices of Pakistan in War on Terror!

Pakistan has been in war against terror from last 14 years where we have sacrificed thousands of lives defending this motherland. It maybe any civilian or from Armed Forces of Pakistan, each one of us has given sacrifices to eliminate the menace of terrorism from the state.

International world has recognized the efforts of Pakistan Army in war against terror. Recently Pakistan Army has concluded a large scale grand operation against militants in the region of FATA; Operation Zarb e Azb. It was in the hard terrains of North Waziristan where in no time Pakistan Army has successfully concluded a large scale military operation. The entire world has acknowledged Pakistan’s success in war against terror.

In the recent tour of General Raheel Sharif in Germany the spokesperson of Pakistani Military, Lt General Asim Saleem Bajwa said that the world has left Pakistan alone in the war against terror, General was right. Every Super Power thinks himself to be the owner of peace but the facts speak that world has not done enough in the war against terror.

In the recent visit of John McCain a senior Senator to Pakistan he has visited the Golden arrow division of Pakistan Army who has fought war against terrorists where he has acknowledged efforts of Pakistani troops in the fight for peace.

In April 2016, French parliamentarians recognized Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war against terror and stated that France can take benefit from the vast experience of Pakistan’s fight against militancy and also stressed the need for close cooperation in various sectors between the two countries. Senator Pascal Allizard, head of the visiting French parliamentary delegation, while speaking to reporters, said that Pakistan and France need to cooperate with each other in the fight against terrorism, adding the two countries share a common problem, the issue of terrorism and extremism.

Pakistani Army Chief who took the initiative to launch final military operation against terrorists, General Raheel Sharif has already made it clear that Pakistan is fighting a war for the upcoming generations. Projects like CPEC are to make the entire region stable and prosperous and its all due to tireless Pakistani efforts and sacrifices in war against terror.


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