Afghan Themself Responsible for Their Problems!

Omer Farooq

Pakistan has supported Afghanistan in every bad time, it may be taking them out of Russian war where they faced huge loss or rehabilitating those who lost everything in war or settling the Afghan Refugees in our own country. Not only giving space to Afghan Refugees but also making their lifestyle normal by providing them job opportunities, shelter, education and in fact a new life.

Recently a major military operation has been conducted by the Pakistani Army in the most effected tribal belt of Pakistan in the region of FATA which shares a long border with Afghanistan. The military operation has proved to be economical for both of the countries as all safe havens of terrorists in the Pakistani region were targeted and not a single hide out had been left of terrorist. This has benefited Afghanistan as the fleeing terrorists from Pakistan remained no more a threat to Afghans. Same way expected from Afghanistan but they disappointed by not taking the matter seriously. Not only in this matter, Pakistan has also supported Afghanistan in defense to defense cooperation. Previously 100 Afghan Cadets were fully trained under the command of Pakistani Military at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul with 132 PMA Long Course.

In recent times Afghan have changed its behavior after benefitting from Pakistan, according to Afghans they are a well stabled nation who don’t need any help from others, is this is the case then why don’t Afghan accommodate their own refuges, why to beg in front of Pakistan to give their refugees further time of 10 years?

Afghanistan itself is responsible for its internal problems; their lack of growing economy is the result of their own lack of interest in their state. Holding Pakistan responsible for the current internal situation of Afghanistan is a childish excuse of Afghans, infact they themselves are responsible for the situation where they have reached. India is a threat to the entire region, Afghanistan has not made any restricted laws for Indians therefore they have used Afghan soil to destabilize the peace of FATA and Balochistan. Developing friendship with India was the biggest blunder made by Afghanistan because India is actually the one who has made many efforts to destabilize the peace of the entire region including Afghanistan. Pakistan has infact fought a war again Indian proxies who were enjoying safe havens and spread terror in both countries.


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