Govt Hiding Behind The Departure of Gen Raheel!

November 29, 2016 a day no patriotic Pakistani is willing to see because their hero Gen Raheel Sharif who has won hearts of the people by changing Pakistan dramatically has to retire as per the prescribed dates. Still 4 months are there for General to retire and fake news have started to propagate that pressure on government has been built to give him extension.

It’s all a drama to hide the reality of Panama Leaks. Political parties are creating this hype just in order to give divert the attention of the nation from PANAMA Leaks.

Pakistan Army has supported democracy to a maximum extent, now it has been the third year of Democracy without any interference by the Military establishment. It’s time for government to tell the fruits produced by democracy. The Pakistani nation is now demanding government to tell what they have given to the nation in past 3 years.

By looking at the current situation of the country one can say that democracy has totally failed to deliver. The entire nation is looking towards General Raheel and the reason is the commitment of COAS towards the country. The way Pakistan Army has fought war against terrorism; it shows an exemplary war fought which has made Pakistan peaceful. Returning of peace and prosperity in the country is the outcome of Grand operation launched against terrorists in the tribal areas of the country. Peace has started to prevail in cities like Karachi and it’s all due to the tireless efforts of Law Enforcement Agencies.

National Action Plan is badly failed due to the ignorance of government. The set goals/ points of NAP are covered by the Law Enforcement Agencies, while Government has yet again failed to reach the desired points.

More over Panama Leaks has exposed the politicians which has caused government a worry. As the farewell time of General Raheel is approaching the Pakistani nation is deeply worried that will the nation be left behind alone? Actually the nation has built up a pressure on government to give General Raheel extension in service and the government if playing dirty politics to hide Panama issue by defaming Armed Forces of Pakistan over the issue of pressurizing government to extend the service tenure of Army Chief General Raheel Sharif.


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