Separatist Movement!

From last several years Pakistan is facing a major problem of Indian’s sponsored proxy wars, it might be FATA, Karachi or Balochistan the presence of Indian proxies are obvious. Their main aim is to destabilize the peace of Pakistan.

All the reality was exposed in front of the world when Indian Naval Officer Kulbushn Yadav himself confessed that he being an Indian Intelligence Officer was assigned the task to create conflict in Balochistan. He admitted that I was opted by RAW in 2013 and ever since he has been directing various activites in Balochistan on the orders of RAW. He admitted that I was basically the man who was working for Mr Anil Kumar Gupta who is the joint secretry RAW who has contacts with Baloch students organization with the purpose of holding meetings with Baloch insurgents and carry out activities in their collaboration regarding criminal activities, anti-national activities and terrorist activities. The intelligence officer himself confessed that RAW is involved in the Baloch Liberation Movement within Pakistan and the region around it. Even the time he was arrest by Pakistani authorities on 3rd March 2016 he was coming to Pakistan to hold meeting with BSN to hold terrorist activities in Pakistan.

The Baloch liberation movement does not represent the true aspirations of Baloch people. It is just a fantasy of certain few who live in Europe and Afghanistan under foreign protection. Baloch liberation movement is based on self-serving agendas of the feudal lords who ruled Baloch tribes and want to maintain their barbaric rule over the people. Now that it has been exposed that India is financing this proxy war in Afghanistan, the world understand that Pakistan is the victim of Indian aggression. Moreover, the Baloch liberation movement is dying its own death. It was seen in Geneva during their recent campaign that people were very skeptical of their demands and paid less heed to what BRP has to say. This is because they understand that Balochistan liberation is nothing more than a proxy war of India to destabilize Pakistan.

Recently in the separatist movement of Balochistan in Geneva BRP has used the picture of Mr Bugti which shows their lack of knowledge about the province as Mr Bugti himself was a nationalist and never spoke of separation and was pivotal in crushing separatist movements in 1970s during Bhutto regime. Therefore it has been proven that some anti-state elements are involved in breaking the province and will never be successful.


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