It’s Time For The World To Do More.

Pakistan has been in a state of war from last 14 years, where we have sacrificed thousands of our soldiers’ lives in war against terror. It maybe civil or military person, each and every Pakistani have contributed their part in war against terror. The nation stood along their armed forces to eliminate the menace of terrorism. Whole nation was on single platform i.e to eliminate terrorism and extremism from the state and revive peace in the region.

By the countless efforts of our Law enforcement agencies and Armed forces of Pakistan we have been successful to a great extent to overcome the problem of terrorism. Pakistan Army has launched large scale military operations across the country. Special focus was given on the major tribal belt of FATA where terrorists were enjoying safe havens along Pak- Afghan border. High level militants and their headquarters were established in that region from where they operated network in all over the country. Militants had disturbed the peace of entire country which had badly affected the peace of the entire region.

Finally Pakistan Army took the initiative and decided to eliminate the terrorists from their roots. Successful military operations were launched in effected parts of the country like Karachi, Balochistan, FATA, Swat and Southern Punjab. The results of the success can be enjoyed today by not only Pakistan but by the entire region.

CPEC a joint project of China & Pakistan is a major fruit of Operation Zarb e Azb which has resulted in regional stability and have proved to be economical for the entire region as a safe port to the ships is given at Gwadar port. Pakistani Armed forces have successfully accepted the challenge to sabotage the attempts of terrorists and give a safe platform to the nation by ensuring the death of terrorists and their facilitators.

Terrorism is not the only problem of Pakistan, it’s the international problem. No force in the world has done this much as Pakistan did. It’s time for the world to take their responsibility and play their part in eliminating this problem. India have been making attempts to destabilize Pakistan by proxy wars on which international world is still quiet. Its their duty to ensure the safety of the region.


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