Indian Hand to Destabilize Regional Peace

What else can we expect from a country whose Prime Minister is a butcher, the one who has been involved in bloodshed like Gujrat massacre. India have been an enemy of peace, they are a country full of greed that can never see any other prospering. Despite of being their strong industries to contribute in national interest yet India feels insecure to see their neighboring countries prospering. Pakistan Army launched a successful operation in the tribal areas to overcome the militants, and it proved to be fruitful as a huge investment of 46 Billion $ entered in Pakistan where China and Pakistan both jointly formed a cooperation and agreed on the agenda of developing CPEC which is not only economical for the two countries but its economical for the whole region. The entire region is to benefit from it.

Being a country whose aim is to destabilize regional peace, India strongly opposed the project and in its counter decided to launch a mini project of Chabahar which aimed to break the profit margin of CPEC. Such activity of India clearly shows the world that they are against the regional peace.

Pakistan has done much for Afghanistan but the developing friendship of New Delhi and Kabul have resulted lethal for Pakistan as the recent cross border fire at Torkham border, sponsoring BLA in Balochistan and aiding the proxies like TTP is the act of India who have been taking advantage of Pak Afghan 2230 KM ranged border to push in proxies in Pakistan.

India has been working on the agenda to shake the peace of Pakistan, it maybe the violation on LOC or being involved in terrorists acts of Pakistan.  India’s target is always to get involved Pakistan in deep trouble, it might be in blaming Pakistan for Airbase attack and later getting embarrassed when the reality gets disclosed.

It’s time for India to stop such cheap politics and act maturely to contribute in positive world and make the earth a safe platform for the human beings rather than contributing  to bloodshed and destabilizing the economy of other countries.


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