A Legacy of Ungratefulness.

Pakistan has been always a good ally of Afghanistan, it might be defense cooperation or political assistance, Pakistan has always stood along Afghans. As Pak-Afghan share a large scale border of 2230 KM, it’s really important for both countries to maintain peace in the region. Pakistan has always protected Afghanistan from terrorism; recently a large scale military operation Zarb e Azb was successfully concluded by Pakistan Army in the tribal areas of the country that shares the border with Afghanistan on which Afghan government was taken into confidence to target those who flee from the border. Moreover Pakistan has taken the responsibility of training Afghan Army Cadets in Pakistan Military Academy where full fledge war training was given to them. It’s the responsibility of Afghanistan to show sincerity to Pakistan as we have fought a major war to secure both countries.

Moreover Pakistan has been assisting Afghan refugees from past 3 decades, despite of having our own internal problems such as assistance of IDPs and TDPs still Pakistan gave priority to Afghan refugees and made them enjoy 35 years of their lives in Pakistan and in its return we expect the same from Afghans i.e sincerity which they are not ready to give. As a part of friendship and strengthening brotherly relation with the intention of strategically improving border management recently Angoor Adaa was handed over to Afghanistan. In return of all what Pakistan got is the ‘Torkham Border Cross Fire Gift’. From last two days it have been a hot topic on media that Afghanistan has been involved in firing on Torkham border. Torkham Border is a place from where terrorists used to flee, according to the intelligence report the attackers of Badaber and Charsadda came from the same route, now 37 meters inside Pakistan a gate is being constructed in order to strengthen the checking procedures of those who used to cross the border and it’s a good step as it will filter out the anti-state elements entering in our motherland. As per DG ISPR “This gate is considered essential to check & verify documentation of all border crossers. It will check move of terrorists”. Therefore it should be clear that Afghans should not have any problem with the gate as its for the security of our country and it’s a positive step to filter out terrorists.

Beside this Pakistan has always supported peace in Afghanistan and will continue to support the peace process in the neighboring country. Pakistan played its role in the peace dialogue in Afghanistan however several elements within the Afghan government sabotaged the entire process. Pakistan yet supports peace efforts in Afghanistan.


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