Why Ban on Maalik?

What’s the biggest flaw of a society which becomes a wall to progress? A wall to block the country from progressing? It is not accepting your mistake rather using your so called power to get it off from the screen the world can see. Same happened when Aashir Azeems action thriller production came up with the message of being ‘Maalik’ of the country.

What a shock it is that the federal government has banned ‘Maalik’ all across Pakistan and police has been instructed to take action against the daring Ashir Azeem. Initially, Sindh government declared it “uncertified” and later the federal government took the abrupt action. How weird it is to ban a movie that was in cinemas for over three weeks?

Maalik is about ownership. It calls for taking responsibility of one’s own life and country, while generating awareness against incapable and dirty political system. The story of every Pakistani portraying the current state of affairs is not acceptable to the ruling class for various reasons. To the best of my perception, the objective of the film was to create a sense of patriotism and responsibility in every Pakistani. The tagline of the movie “I’m a citizen of Pakistan and I’m the Maalik of Pakistan” is indeed a self-explanatory, powerful, eye-opening message. Movie sounds like a bold and well-timed wake up call for the entire Pakistani nation.

Such movies should be highlighted and bought into light as positive message can be easily derived from the movie. It gives confidence to the general public that yes we are Pakistan, we the voters are the real owners of the country and it’s up to us to choose our representatives. The movie rightly depicts the ground realities of Pakistani political leadership. General public elect political leaders in hope that they will instigate prosperity and welfare of the state and the stakeholders, and if the so-called public representatives don’t justify their election then people need to stand up for their rights instead of complaining and waiting for the never-happening miracle.

Banning the film in Pakistan tells the story itself. It’s not to avoid the catastrophe in law and order situation. It seems like they are punishing the movie as it dares to challenge the corrupt political and feudal system governing Pakistan for decades. What about the freedom of expression? I believe many anti-Pakistan movies made in our neighboring country from time to time and they had successfully run in Pakistani cinemas. Perhaps Pakistani political mafia can’t ban movies against Pakistan but they have serious issues with the movie targeting the corruption in civilian government system.

Its time for censor board and PEMRA to think about Pakistan rather then thinking about the polluted government whose reality was exposed in the movie.


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