The Final Phase!

Operation Zarb e Azb has entered in its final phase and currently the battle of Shawal is on its peak. According to the media reports 650km square area of Shawal valley has been cleared and the main holds of terrorists have been neutralized. Shawal is an area of thickly dense forests where enemy had the advantage of naturally built caves and cover of the forests but hats off to the Armed forces of Pakistan who played exemplary role to get hold over the main check points of terrorists. The operation is heading towards final end and of course the ending of the operation is logical as it have produced fruits for all over the country. The heat of operation Zarb  e Azb was felt in all over the country. Revival of International cricket, foreign investment, 23rd March parade celebratioLn is the dividends of Operation Zarb e Azb.

It have just been 20 months and the terrains of tribal areas have been cleared by Pakistan Army, the entire world has recognized the efforts of Pak Army to come over the menace of terrorism by conducting a successful military operation in such difficult terrains of the tribal areas.  TDPs have started to move back and the developmental structure of Swat is the serving role model of North Waziristan where developmental projects will be started shortly. COAS have announced to build Cadet College in Miran Shah which will educate the local people and give them awareness as its only education which can beat extremism.

Only those can fight such a risky war who consider themselves to be the son of this soil, only those who are committed and dedicated to this motherland, only those who volunteer their selves knowing the fact that they are surrounded by death and they can leave their wife widow and their children orphan, but for the sake of motherland they voluntarily head towards front line and fight because flowing in their veins is something known as honor, devotion and love for their motherland. In a year & half 90% of the FATA have been cleared from the miscreants. Let’s all raise our hands for our troops, our brothers fighting a war to regain peace for the upcoming generations, let’s just say word of comfort that we are with them. Being a nation it’s obligatory upon us to support those troops who are standing in the roars of bullets and thunder of bombs for us; we can sleep freely knowing that trust worthies are standing on the borders.

Let hope for the best, soon the operation will be concluded and we will be further heading towards prosperous Pakistan.


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