Decline In Crime Rate

Due to the country wide operations by law enforcement agencies there have been a massive decline in the crime rates. Karachi used to be a place where the anti-state elements developed their networks and had strong hold, heinous crimes rates were increasing by the each passing day, but hats off to the LEAs who took the initiative and started operation in the city which has produced fruits. Now the situation is much controlled and there have been impressive decline in the crime rates of the city. The decrease was witnessed in murder cases as 148 cases were registered in the year 2014 and 110 in 2015. Similarly, attempt to murder cases also declined as 150 cases were registered in 2014 and 130 during 2015 while 403 hurt cases were registered in last year and 372 during 2015. Overall dacoity, robbery, burglary and theft incidents also decreased as 1364 cases were registered under these crime heads during 2014 as compared to 1008 cases in 2015.

The grand operation in FATA against the militants, Operation Zarb e Azb has left no space for terrorists in the country, all pockets are destroyed and those fleeing towards border are also killed. The entire country is witnessing the massive change in the law and order situation of the country, foreign investment entering Pakistan is all due to the such tirring efforts of LEAs.  More over KPK govt have taken a good step to pay attention towards police and reforming them, which has resulted in a good result and the citizens of KPK keeps happy with the performance of LEAs in KPK. It is said upto 60% crime have been reduced in KPK. In the last two years it can be said that there have been 15 incidents of terrorism in KP during the first 4 months of 2015 while the number of terrorist attacks was 183 in first four months of 2014, 173 in 2013 and 134 in 2012.

The same situation is in Baluchistan, FC Baluchistan have strived really hard to cure the heinous crimes. Due to the countless efforts of FC may terrorists attempts were folied and many commanders surrendered themselves to LEAs. The way our LEAs are working we can say soon Pakistan will be fully free of crimes.


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