Tashfeen Malik ! A New Problem For Pakistan

Since last week the rumors of Tashfeen Malik have been rumored and have given media a hot topic to debate upon and Pakistan is still being criticized for owing Tashfeen Malik without any solid proof. PM office have made it clear that US have not yet provided any proof of Pakistan’s involvement in California attack. Pakistan denied reports on Saturday of a meeting between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the US envoy over California female shooter’s links with Lal Masjid in Islamabad. According to British newspaper Daily Mail, US officials handed over information to their Pakistani counterparts about links between Tashfeen Malik, the female shooter in the California rampage, and the Lal Masjid in Islamabad.

Tashfeen Malik spent her initial years of life in Pakistan and then left to Saudi Arabia in the early age of just 4 and returned for 5 years to complete her education in Pakistan after which she went to America where she was involved in California attack. The entire world is blaming Pakistan for the issue, but the point arises that where she spent her most period of life, was that in Pakistan? Definitely No. Those should be held liable where Malik spent 25 years of her life.

The point comes of Lal Masjid, no doubt Tashfeen Malik had no link with Lal Masjid but still the question remains governments role in the success of NAP, why they are not blinking an eye on Mullah Abdul Aziz? Mullah Abdul Aziz has hijacked a large area of Islamabad, in a city where Parliamentarians work, a city where Supreme Court exists. Why no action against Mullah Abdul Aziz? If Army interferes in their matter then they will once again  start blaming Army for all matters so now it’s time for government to respond to the matter and react on Mullah Abdul Aziz.

Its time for the world to play mature game rather than blaming Pakistan for every small issue. The world should think sensibly that Pakistan is itself a victim of terrorism and is fighting war against extremism. We are the haters of terrorism not supporters.


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