Remembering The Deadly December !


December 16, 2014 the day that can never be forgotten. The day when innocent children went to school on school vans but returned back in ambulances. The waiting eyes of parents are still waiting and will continue to wait forever to see their children who went to school in white shirts and returned back in red shirts. It was the disastrous day when the evil faced terrorists attacked children of Army Public School Peshawar. The innocent child paid price for nothing, for a war for which they had nothing to do. The coward attack of terrorists clearly showed that it’s time for them to fight with children because they cannot face our Armed forces.

The coward attack was carried out by the so called terrorists when children were busy in their school routine. We must say that the sacrifice of innocent children had paid off as the incident united the entire nation, all politicians became united on the agenda of national interest and in the joint session points of national interest were discussed after which National Action Plan was implemented and the decision of forming Apex committees was taken into consideration and the aim of getting united was one and only on which the entire nation agreed and it was zero tolerance of terrorists, the joint session decided not eliminate the menace of terrorism at any cost. Operation in every disturbed part of country came into full swing and terrorists were taken with hard hands.

Now a year has been passed, first anniversary of the incident is about to come and we can see the improved security situation of the country. Our forces have done wonderful job and a befitting reply to terrorists that no matter how hard you try, you will never be successful in spreading your terror among the nation. The APS students also gave an outstanding reply to the terrorists by again joining the same school and promising to take revenge of their friends.

On the coming occasion of APS Peshawar anniversary let’s give tribute to the parents of those children who sacrificed their children, let give them a message that we will always remember the martyrs and we stand along them in the time of need. Being a united nation no power in the world can defeat us.


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