Two Countries, One War

Globally Pakistan and Afghanistan together holds much importance as both countries shares border line of 2230 KM known as Durand Lane. Since the tenure of General Raheel, our military leadership has said it very clear that Afghan & Pakistan are brotherhood countries and both have mutual enemies. Pakistan also helped Afghan in various aspects, such as 100 Afghan cadets were given training in Pakistan Military Academy Kakul.

Last year Pakistan started a grand military operation in the FATA, just few miles from Afghan border. Before starting the military operation Afghan civil and military leadership was taken into consideration and the warning was sent to Afghanistan that Taliban’s will try to escape through Afghan border so it will be responsibility of Afghan civil-military to fight against them. Pakistan conducted the operation successfully and the expected result was same, miscreants tried to escape towards Afghan border and were successful in that, currently they are hiding in the Afghan pockets which are a threat to the both states. It’s the obligation of Afghan Military to respond and eliminate the safe heavens of miscreants on Durand Lane to eliminate the menace of terrorism. India being the enemy of peace is trying to make use of rift between both countries and sponsor terrorism in both countries.

It’s time for Kabul to wake up! Pakistan civil and military leadership has tried their best to resume the peace process between both countries. Now it’s time for Afghan leadership to decide how to carry forward the issue of peace talks, since terrorism is not a threat to Pakistan only, its equal threat is to Afghan also therefore it’s time for Kabul to wake up and decide about the peace process as the war against terror cannot be continued without regain of peace process. The problem of terrorism need to be resolved by all stake holders and Pakistan has been doing it continuously.

If Afghanistan is seriously concerned about the terrorism and its effects, then now is the right time for them to wake up and seriously work in order to make the operation Zarb e Azb successful which is for the betterment of both countries.


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