Why General Raheel?

The emerging role model of every sincere citizen of Pakistan is COAS General Raheel Shareef. Hope of every citizen is General Raheel, it might be any problem civil or judiciary people want General Raheel to give them relief. Why is this so? Due to uniform? No. It’s all due to the dedication and affection of the General towards the country.

The way COAS has led his troops and made the country peaceful in a little time period, this reflects his capabilities and professionalism. His visits abroad has resulted in enhancing of defense cooperation between countries and had worked a lot for the entire region.

Now is the time when General Raheel has proved himself in the entire world and has led his troops in an exemplary way and the entire world is acknowledging Pakistan’s efforts to overcome the menace of terrorism. On the recent tour to Brazil, COAS is awarded with order of Merit by Brazilian Government. COAS was awarded Brazil’s coveted Award “Order of Merit” in special Ceremony in recognition of his leadership for successful fight against multiple threats. Gen Raheel is the first Asian to have won this coveted Award. Government of Brazil citation reads that order of merit being given to General Raheel Sharif for displaying remarkable courage to deal with the menace of terrorism, successfully leading the army in the face of multiple threats, giving hope to his nation against dismay / despondency and above all for his great efforts to promote peace and stability in the region. General Raheel Sharif through his undaunting resolve, unflinching sincerity and impeccable professional commitment has become a leading figure in the world. His contribution to promote exemplary ties between Pakistan and Brazil in general and the two armies in particular are enormous and unprecedented.

Moreover the nation looks onto General Raheel as the last hope because the nation is sick and tired of corrupt politicians and knows very well that they are not sincere to our motherland. The way General Raheel has lined up Army everyone looks onto the uniformed person with hope and has respect for the person. This respect is earned by General Raheel by showing his bravery and exemplary attitude and dedication towards his country.


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