Terrorism! A Menace to Humanity

Terrorism! A worldwide problem, which has affected every part of the world. Some on higher scale and some on lower scale. The whole world is committed on the agenda to eliminate the menace of terrorism as its destroying the peace of the world. It might be super power countries or nuclear power; all are affected by the menace.

Pakistan is fighting a war to regain peace since last decade, and have been successful to a large extent. Pakistan has been engaged in a war against terror since 2002 and has sacrificed many lives to save the humanity and is currently standing on a brink to push the terrorists out of the land forever. Due to terrorism many innocent civilians have lost their lives, people who had nothing to do with terrorism have been its victims. It might be an armed forces officer, jawan, civilian, child or women all have been its victim and now are the time everyone is united to give terrorism a final push. Pakistan Army Chief has also been visiting to various countries to strengthen the defense allies and increase the defense cooperation to finish the menace of terrorism and give a safe platform to the upcoming generations.

Recently terrorist attacks have been carried out in France, after which the emerging party of terrorists ISIS has given a message to the world that we have gained our foot steps to an extent. ISIS has given alarming situation to the world wide intelligence agencies and everyone’s concentration is on the motive to destroy the channels of terrorists. In a recent press conference the President of United States of America Barrack Obama has said it very clear that we will not allow ISIS to gain footsteps and we will fight with them and will eliminate their channel from all over the world.

Statistics of last year tells that a total of 13,463 terrorist attacks occurred worldwide, resulting in more than 32,700 deaths and more than 34,700 injuries. In addition, more than 9,400 people were kidnapped or taken hostage. In this report we describe patterns of worldwide terrorist activity with respect to changes during the year, geographic concentration, casualties, perpetrator organizations, tactics, weapons, and targets. Although terrorist attacks took place in 95 countries in 2014, they were heavily concentrated geographically. More than 60% of all attacks took place in five countries (Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and Nigeria), and 78% of all fatalities due to terrorist attacks took place in five countries (Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria).

Now is the time the world should think about humanity, rather than aiming to destroy the peace of other countries all should get united and fight the war against terrorism because such terrorist acts are to benefit none but to create problem for the whole world as the peace of the entire world is disturbed by the various terrorism acts.


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