Is Afghanistan a Helping Hand In The War Against Terror?

Pakistan has started a grand operation against militants, the enemies of peace and in the operation full fledge support of Afghanistan was required as the operation is launched in tribal areas FATA where Pak and Afghan shares 2230 KM border line where both countries have to ensure safety of border. Pakistani soldiers have sacrificed lives for the sake of motherland and protect the border from militants aiming at Pakistan. The Durand lane cannot be protected only by Pakistan, full fledge cooperation of Afghanistan is required as its fruitful for both the countries.

Pakistan has been supporting Afghanistan, and has made it very clear that we are brothers and at the time of help Pakistan will there for Afghanistan. 100 Afghan cadets were also being trained at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul, where on the moment of passing out parade of 132 PMA L/C Afghan Army Chief was invited as the chief guest. Pakistan knew very well that India will using Durand Lane to sponsor terrorism in Pakistan, therefore our civil military leadership cooperated with Afghanis and asked them to cooperate with us.

But Afghanistan has played dual role and have opposed Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism. India took the advantage of rift and attacked Afghan parliament and blaming Pakistani Intelligence agency afterwards. Now India is sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan via Durand Lane and terrorists are enjoying their safe pockets in Afghan territory.

The recent Afghan cross border attacks on Pakistani soil are worry some; these rockets fired reflect the stance of Afghanis that they are not ready to cooperate with Pakistan in the war against terror.

In a recent interview in Washignton DC DG ISPR Lt. General Asim Bajwa, speaking to ARY News, said that Pakistan has always supported peace in Afghanistan and will continue to support the peace process in the neighboring country. He said Pakistan played its role in the peace dialogue in Afghanistan however several elements within the Afghan government sabotaged the entire process. DG ISPR further said we will yet support peace efforts in Afghanistan.

“We had informed Afghanistan before Zarb-e-Azb began that terrorists will be fleeing to your country in order to save themselves but their officials did not take the steps”, DG ISPR said.

Now it’s the time for Afghanistan to show their concern over terrorism as it will equally effect their country. Mutually fighting against terrorism will allow both countries to jointly destroy the safe heavens of terrorists and make the countries prosper.


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