Good Governance! Time To Be Good

After the press release of ISPR on the discussion held in Corp Commanders conference the word ‘Matching/Complimentary Governance’ has been the punch word, every news channel, print media & Member of Parliament are debating on it. ISPR’s press release basically indicated government to pay their role to make to country prospers.

Parliament took these compliments personal and instead of focusing on the words said they started to ponder where the words came from. It’s time for government to take such compliments in a positive way and see where they are lacking behind. It’s the third time current government is coming in power and still not giving performance. JITs are formed after every incident but soon it’s covered up with the next incident. Its government and judiciary’s obligation to eliminate crime from the country and provide justice to the citizens who have given them mandate.

Pakistan Army has been fighting against terrorists since last several years and has sacrificed their lives, now a grand operation has been launched in FATA to remove the menace of terrorism forever. In the other sides of the country i.e Karachi and Baluchistan Rangers and FC are fighting against extremists. On the other side no advancement can be seen other than building of roads from the civil side, therefore ISPR has issued statement regarding good governance & it’s their right to ask because they have done their best to ensure the safety of their motherland.

Now the question arises what does ‘Good Governance’ mean? Good governance means to work as the representative of the nation and work for them rather than coming in power and getting rich by the each passing day and not giving any output. Good governance means to provide food, shelter and employment to the citizens of their country. Good governance means to provide justice to the people despite of seeing who is rich and who is poor. Good governance means working in your field to the outmost best.

The military side is playing every role in the country; it might be of waging war, helping in natural disasters, holding foreign talks to build up good relations. Military has been sacrificing their everything for the sake of their nation; it might be families or any happiness. On the other side civil government is busy in taking families along official tours and seeking aid from the foreign countries and giving zero output in form of their performance. Sindh government has also been sleeping, Thanks to Sindh Rangers who has conducted apolitical operation in the city and reduced the crime rate. For the civil government of Sindh its time to seriously see towards their province and their performance. By the each passing day the poverty level of people in Sindh is increasing & if someone suggest them to be good then they think it to be undemocratic way. Its better for all the governments to seriously work while staying in the boundaries of democracy.

The press release is a wakeup call for the government and they should seriously see it as the nation is not at all happy with the performance of the governments.


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