Progressive Baluchistan !

Area wise Baluchistan is the largest province of Pakistan which holds much importance for the country. The land of 347,190 km² is full of God blessed minerals and other natural resources. Baluchistan’s share of Pakistan’s national income has historically ranged between 3.7 to 4.9 %.

From last several years Baluchistan was bleeding, terrorists enjoyed sponsoring terrorism in the region but now by the countless efforts of LEAs the situation of Baluchistan has improved a lot.  Let’s not forget the countless efforts of FC Balochistan who has stood up with Army and foiled Indian proxies operating in Balochistan. FC has worked along with Army and stood firm against terrorists and foiled the foreign powers trying to gain footsteps in Baluchistan.

RAW’s influence in Balochistan has been exposed in front of the world, Indian currency and ammunition was recovered from Balochistan in large quantity, more over BLA Chief Marri Hyrbyair’s presence was confirmed in New Delhi. FC have foiled many RAW’s activities in Baluchistan. India used various routes to sponsor terrorism into the province. Mastung was the target of militants therefore they opted the route of Kandhar via Spanboldek. Moreover India used Makran coast, Afghanistan and Khazdar axis to reaches Baluchistan and spread terrorism. Millions of tons explosive have been caught from Arabian Sea axis by the LEAs.

Previously cricket tournament was organized in Bugti stadium Baluchistan where people gave a massive response and the stadium was filled by the spectators, such overwhelming response of people gave a clear message that Balochis themselves are sick and tired of the menace of terrorism and wants to wipe them out, therefore they are standing along LEAs.

Now as the province is heading towards peace and prosperity foreign investment is also starting to enter, previously the huge investment by China (CPEC) has entered Pakistan which passes through Balochistan and is to benefit Baluchistan as well as it will create job opportunities and the problem of unemployment will be eliminated to a very large extent. Pakistan Army is now given the responsibility to provide security to the foreign workers working on the project. The province is on its way to be fully prosperous and by the each passing day the situation is improving in Baluchistan and the province will be an ideal province.


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