All Eyes On The Upcoming Visit !


Pakistan has been in the limelight since 9/11 but the recent military offensives by Pakistan Armed Forces have (tied) a hope for the world’s 6 billion that this nation of 180 million can fight this war for them. Now when Pakistan is fighting a war to eliminate the menace of terrorism from its root, the entire world is acknowledging the countless efforts of Pakistan Army.

 The recent visit of Pakistani Army Chief General Raheel Shareef in Oct/Nov 2014 was conferred with US Legion of Merit Medal for brave leadership, sagacity, vision and efforts for peace & stability in the region. During last visit there has been a range of meeting with the shakers of the US Military & Intelligence establishment, the point of fighting out against all terrorist groups in Pakistan including Haqqani network was deeply discussed in the meeting. The visit proved to be sea change in the relation as it set a seal on the military commitment to fight terrorism in whatever form and by whatever name of whatever flag it is & this included any attempt by IS to gain footsteps in Pakistan.

Now when Pakistan is moving towards peace and prosperity and the era of General Raheel Shareef is coming to an end & Generals visit to US for future holds much importance and everyones eye is blinking towards the upcoming visit of General Raheel Shareef to USA. Although PM has recently visited US but in the eyes of people the real visit is coming up ahead. It is believed that Pakistan’s military is firmly in the driver’s seat of foreign affairs, and it calls the shots on relations with the U.S. The upcoming U.S. visit of army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif has much more potential to make waves and bring meaningful results.

Speculations of people on the forthcoming US visit of COAS are on various issues, some school of thought says that since all these issues concern security, the Americans will, hopefully, have more fundamental and substantive talks when Army Chief General Raheel Sharif visits to US. Regarding Afghan Security Concerns some observers opine the general perception in Washington is that Pakistan’s civilian government does not have much say in security matters particularly when that involves a foreign state. Therefore, military can present the Pak-Afghan border security issues in a better way and it can take substantial decisions.

Major focus of people is on Nuclear Programs, they expect the military leadership will carry forward the agenda of PM visit. Nuclear assets will not be compromised at any cost. Before signing any nuclear deal with Pakistan, US must see the complex regional structure and presence of an aggressive India next to Pakistan. Hypothetically, Pakistan cannot think of compromising its deterrence when it has an arch rival in its neighborhood. Any deal must focus on regional balance instead of creating disparity.

People expect Military Leadership to discuss the LOC issue and bring it to logical ends; talks with India can only progress if they discuss the Kashmir issue. India is violating UNSC resolution which places a question mark over its roles and responsibilities. US must force India to allow UNMOGIP mission to observe LOC violations. Blatantly killing civilians does not fall into any category of ‘Aman ki Asha’.

Uplifting Nation’s Honor is where credibility counts & Army outshines our ministers in this aspect, by miles. See what COAS will bring, honor that was supposed to be for PM. People expect General Raheels visit to be economical and beneficial for Pakistan and trust of the nation is with COAS that’s why all eyes are focused towards outcome of this crucial visit.


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