India! The Hegemon Of Terrorism …


India blames Pakistan for virtually every ill in its country. Accusing Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism is a popular trend in Indian Politics. Rallying Hindu-nationalist by inciting hatred against Pakistan is the easiest way to muster the support of ill-informed masses.

However, the accusations have a certain irony to them. India shouldn’t be allowed to criticize anyone while a world renowned terrorist sits at the very helm of its government. The entire world acknowledges Modi’s religious genocide against the Gujarati Muslims.

Muslims in Kashmir are subject to horrendous discrimination and hate by the Indian public and authorities alike. Violations along the LOC claim scores of innocent lives every day. However, this indiscriminate firing along the LOC by Indian troops is never mentioned by the Indian politicians while they are accusing their Pakistani counterparts of the very same thing. Despite of seize-fire between Pak & India number of times, India always violates it and show its frustration on civil bodies of Pakistan living near the border areas. Last month DG Punjab Rangers General Umar met the commander of Indian BSF and discussed MOU even them India has been continuously violating the seize-fire. Indian BSF targeted innocent civilian body of Pakistan in Shakargarh sector and the brutality of Indians crossed the extreme when Indians firing resulted in loss of 2 innocent kids’ life aged 10 and 14.

However India blames Pakistan for causing terrorism on its soil, the Indian media fails to mention the awful role that RAW is playing in Baluchistan. By cozying up to the terrorist in Baluchistan, India is effectively trying to push Pakistan in the midst of a civil war. Much like it did in 1971 when the Indian government, by its own admission, supported the Mukti Bahini terrorists in East Pakistan to break our country in half.

Baluchistan, however, is not the only victim of India’s state sponsored terrorism. RAW and the Indian military are also largely responsible for the violence in Karachi. Knowing full well the economic importance of Karachi, India is trying to cripple Pakistan’s economy by promoting terrorism in Karachi.

India is a threat to the entire region, their stance in sabotaging CPEC is the evidence of this fact, the economic corridor is to benefit the entire region and India is trying to sabotage it which proves India to be enemy of peace. Moreover the coward attitude of Indians can be witnessed on LOC where they cross all limits of brutality and openly target Pakistanis and firm stance of Pakistan clearly labels Indians to be the war mongers. India, the world needs to understand that India just creates drama of Aman ki Asha, they are actually the haters of peace and always takes initiative in opening fire of LOC on our civilians.

Even the minorities of India itself are not safe in their state, what else can be expected when you make the butcher your Prime Minister. Sikhs are suffering by the hands of coward Hindu Indians where they are beaten up if they demand freedom; Khalistan movement is strictly dealt by the majority. Muslims are taken out of houses and are beaten; killing of 50 year old men on the rumor of eating beef is extreme condition of human rights violation. India is a place where human regret on being born as a human.


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