Civil Military Leadership On Same Page!


To run a country progressively it’s obligatory upon everyone to play their part. Only Military waging war cannot take country towards prosperity. The real war is started after peace is returned because one need to restore everything destructed. Both Civil and Military leadership need to move ahead with mutual cooperation that is for the benefit of the country. In the current scenario the credit goes to General Raheel Shareef who has been acting as a Gentle Man and is taking Civilians government along with Military top leadership to work for the betterment of the state. It may be any issue of National Interest, terrorism, National Days ceremonies we see Civil and Military leadership combined. In any matter of National Interest, it might be Operation Zarb e Azb, Karachi Operation, Implementation of National Action Plan, CPEC etc we have always witnessed Civil and Military leadership sincerely sitting together and working for the National Interest.

The general perception within the political elites and public is that military is a powerful institution and has strong interest in political developments of the country. It retains control over national strategy, security and foreign relations with key international players. Some fear that the military will continue to exercise its influence over political forces from behind the scene, and even try to prop up political groups that have in the past aligned with the military governments. More worrisome for the civilian government might be the prospect of an adverse judicial decision amounting to disqualification of the PM in a contempt of court case and support of the military to the judiciary to implement that decision. But in current scenario that’s not the scene; Military leadership is totally sincere with Civilians government and is following the principle of Democracy in every crucial time. That’s one of the reasons why General Raheel has gained so much respect from the citizens of Pakistan.

On National events we witnessed President, Prime Minister and Defense Minister standing along with COAS which means the top leadership of our country is on similar page which is a positive point for Pakistan. CPEC is an investment of billions in which both leaderships are working tirelessly to make it successful. Army is setting up troops to provide them security and civil leadership is aimed to bring in foreign investment. The same pattern needs to continue to make our country prosper beacause without the mutual understanding of both civil military leadership a country cannot prosper. In the time of when terrorism is a major challenge our whole leadership is committed to remove this menace. Shared decisions of civil military relation are currently taking the country towards prosperity.



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