New Man, Better Policy Implementation!


Leadership is the art of influencing others; to achieve the task by providing direction and inspiration. The fundamental responsibility of a military leader is the welfare of his soldiers and more importantly the accomplishment of his mission, the top of the most are those whose leadership skills always works when their nation fell in crisis. The current example of such an asset of Pakistan is Lt General (R) Nasir Khan Janjua who is a well devoted soldier who always stood up for the nation whenever the country was in crisis, it maybe educational field or operational field, the man always led from the front. Appointing former General as national security advisor who has recently commanded Southern Corp where RAW’s involvement was on peak will open the doors to tighten the powerful military’s control over security policy and negotiation with arch rival India.  The appointment of Military Leader as a National security advisor will also give an open platform to Civil leader Sartaj Aziz to freely concentrate on Foreign Office.

Janjua’s appointment follows cooling relations between Pakistan and India, who were due to hold talks in August but canceled after India said it wanted to limit the scope of the talks to Pakistan’s support for militancy on Indian Territory and Pakistan insisted on more wide-ranging discussions. In current situation our main rival is India and we need such a person as a security advisor who can sit on table for security talks and is well aware of the situation and General Nasser Janjua has also worked on ‘Azm-e-Nau,’ a military preparedness exercise that had a particular focus on India, which makes General Janjua a best option to be appointed as National Security Advisor. None other than such an experienced General of such crucial time work as security advisor. . Matters related to border security coordination and ways and means to further enhance the existing mechanism are the one which are expertise of General and will surely play an active role as a National Security Advisor.

Undoubtedly India is deeply involved in unrest situation of Balochistan and General Nasir Janjua was the one who tackled the deeply disturbed position of Balochistan and worked tirelessely during his tenure of two years to restore peace. Now when Balochistan is moving towards peace, its credit goes to General Janjua, and being the security advisor of Pakistan people are expecting much more improvement in law and order situation of the country. After seeing such an experienced person everyone is expecting better implementation of policy.


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