Pakistan! The Contributor of Peace!!!


Pakistan has been engaged in war against terrorism since last two decades. In last years we all have witnessed bomb blasts, ambulance sirens and emergency alarms and Pakistani nation is sick and tired of terrorism. General Raheel and his entire team have now aimed to eradicate the menace of terrorism from the state for ever therefore country wide military operations are in full swing now a days, whether its Waziristan/FATA or Karachi or Baluchistan, our forces are working tirelessly to regain peace in the entire country which will not only benefit Pakistan but the whole region. CPEC is a game changer for the whole region as it aims to spread peace; Pakistan is ensuring its best to make it possible no matter what. On the occasion of Defense Day 2015 COAS General Raheel once again ensured by saying that CPEC will continue till end which means it will be completed at any cost after which it will bring in prosperity for the whole region as it will allow neighboring countries to trade and create employment opportunities for the unemployed community which will raise the standard of life of the people, hence making the country prosper to such an extent will not allow any terrorist to emerge among us. Pakistan is a country that aims to spread peace and not allow anyone else as well to use our soil to spread terrorism in other states the way our neighbor does. Being a peaceful country Pakistan is engaged in such a war which will not only benefit our country but the neighboring as well, if our neighbor start thinking the same the menace of terrorism will be finished from the region for ever but our neighbors are working jointly to sabotage the peace of Pakistan. Pakistan is fighting a war in FATA region of the country which connects Durand Lane of 2230 KM with Afghanistan and is ensuring to secure that border which will eventually benefit Afghanistan as well as no one will be able to use our soil to export terrorism in Afghanistan.

On the other side India is playing proxy games and is using Afghan’s soil to export terrorism in Pakistan, our neighbor should think sensibly to work jointly and remove this menace.

Recently General Raheel Shareef vowed not to allow ISIS to enter in Pakistan which means Pakistan and its people are committed to eradicate menace of terrorism from the land of pure.


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