A Message Of Peace!


September 27, 2015 marked the day of Chief of Army Staff’s visit to address CENTCOM Asia Security Conference in Marshal Centre Munich, Germany. During the conference General Raheel Shareef has highlighted the most important matters i.e regional peace and security stability, as the perpetual instability in Afghanistan affects the entire region, the matter was bought onto the table and was deeply discussed as the peace of entire region strongly depends upon Afghanistan’s situation. I was highlighted that operation ZarbeAzb needs healthy support of Afghanistan to be successful as 2230 KM Durand lane connects Pak-Afg border and a peaceful Afghanistan can open regional connectivity therefore effective practical steps are needed for logical conclusion of operation ZarbeAzb. COAS emphasized on the point that all stake holders should work together to remove the menace of terrorism from Afghanistan as it will open door of peace for the entire region, so the importance of Afghanistan cannot be ignored. As Pakistan has suffered a great loss in terrorism the issue was aroused that within & without has deeply affected socio-eco climate in Pakistan and still Pakistan is in a state of war to remove this curse and is paying a heavy price. The issue of CPEC was also discussed as it opens up economic opportunities for Pakistan and the entire region, even the sharing of benefits of economic opportunities with Afghanistan were discussed.

After 1 day visit to Germany, COAS headed towards London for 3 days visit where he met CDS, Gen Sir Nicholas Houghton where matters of mutual interest, regional security and defense cooperation were discussed. Defense cooperation is a compulsory factor to be emphasized upon for which talks are a beacon of hope. By the cooperative defense strategy it is becoming easy for us to take charge over the menace of terrorism as soon as possible and make our country peaceful. In IISS and House of Common once again Operation Zarb e Azb was praised, the changing climate of Pakistan after the military operation is in front of everyone therefore everyone praises our countless efforts in the operation, COAS vowed to continue pursuing sleeper cells across country. COAS made the stance of Pak Army very clear that we want to get rid of terrorism as we have given enough sacrifices of innocent civilians in the war against terror, now Pakistan expects International community to play its part for regional stability as the war Pakistan is fighting is for the benefit of whole world as terrorists aims to spread terrorism in all over the world as terrorism is a global issue and Pakistan is engaged in a war to fully eliminate terrorists and their sympathizers.  Furthermore verdict of Pak Army is clear that we are giving a final push to terrorism which means no new entities can be allowed to emerge, every pocket and hideout of terrorists will be pulled off from its roots. Pakistan Intelligence agencies have worked hard and have reached the origin of those who are funding all terrorist organizations and during the meeting it was made clear that we will not allow any proxy to emerge on our soil as we are against proxies. Once again CPEC was highlighted and it was ensured that Pakistan will work with full devotion and dedication to make it successful as it’s not only for the benefit of Pakistan; it is to benefit the entire region. The utmost significant subject of the present world which needs to be highlight and addressed is the issue of “Terrorism”. To deal with the trouble of terrorism world states, organizations, regimes, forums all need to work tirelessly to regain peace, therefore to spread the message of peace COAS has visited Germany and UK and has expected the world to join his hands to eliminate terrorism from all over the world.


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