Raheel Sharif the emerging role model


Two Shareef’s but naming the same name doesn’t means that both person will be the same, the example of Raheel Shareef and Nawaz Shareef is front of us. General Raheel Shareef is seen as the last hope, people has given him such a respect and it seemed as if people were waiting for this General from a long time ago and the respect given to General Raheel Shareef is well deserved as he has ruled over the hearts of people because he has done for country what is not yet done by politicians.

People of Pakistan always wanted such a person who can understand voice of a common men and can stand up with them in the time of need and undoubtedly General Raheel is that person who is always seen on the front lines no matter what the situation is. It might be terrorism, floods, accidents or any occasion General Raheel is seen standing with the people on the frontlines. From the time General has taken charge not a single Eid of General Raheel is spent in his home, he has always chosen war areas to spend Eid with the Internally Disputed People and the troops standing firm against terrorists. He has ruled over the hearts of people as he did what everyone wanted.

The entire nation wanted to get rid of terrorism and General Raheel Shareef has aimed to wipeout terrorism right from the first day, he has mentioned it clearly that we are fighting a war for the upcoming generations and this was what people wanted, they wanted someone who can think for our upcoming generations, one who can ensure a safe platform for the upcoming generation. These are the reason popularity of General Raheel is hitting its peak because his doctrine, posture, strategy and tactics meets the needs of ordinary people. On the other side politicians are busy in blame games of which people are sick and tired and are constantly taking the graph of politicians down.

People were expecting a lot from Mr Nawaz Shareef as he is a senior politician with an experienced team but he badly failed to meet people’s demands. Credit of country wide effective military operations goes to LEAs as it all happened during General Raheels tenure. Now General public is demanding extension in General Raheel’s tenure which clearly tells the faith of public has been developed in General Raheel.


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