India deserve UN’s accountability!


India! Sorry, END-IA considers themself to be the so called champions of democracy, have a look on their violence in Kashmir. If they consider them self to be the champions of democracy why don’t they go for referendum? Moreover the cowardness of Indians is clear from their heinous acts on LOC, they never hesitate to show brutal behavior towards the other countries especially Pakistan. Now India is day dreaming of becoming the member of United Nation Security Council. UNO should question India about minority killing, Kashmir brutality, separatist movement and insecure nuclear programs before thinking of making India the member of UNSC. India is itself the biggest threat to the peace of the region and making India the member of UNSC means giving India liberty to continue in their heinous activities.

CPEC is a project that has been previously started by the two countries jointly which aimed to bring prosperity in the whole region and boosting the economy of the region and India played its role to sabotage CPEC by playing dirty conspiracies. What else can we expect from a country who’s Prime Minister is listed in the top 10 criminals of the world by google. A country whose PM has been awarded with the title of butcher due to Gujrat massacre what good can we expect from that country if it becomes the member if United Nation Security Council.

Now it’s the responsibility of UN office to assure the safety of the entire region as the whole region is looking at the resolutions of UN to stop genocide. If India becomes the member of Security Council India will use it the other way round and react as if they have got the license to attack any state they want. So by looking at the history, what India has been doing in past UN should take action on India and hold them accountable for their brutality and India should stop day dreaming to become member of United Nation Security Council as they deserve UN accountability.


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