Exchange of statements!


Indian Army Chief issued the statement claiming that they can attack Pakistan, but Mr Dilbar Singh shouldnot forget that we as a nation are united against every evil eye. Followed by COAS General Raheels speech the stance of Pak Army was cleared in daring words. On the occasion of Youm e Shuhdah General Raheel Shareef made it clear in his speech that we are fully prepared for the war, we are capable of defending our borders. Despite regional threats and continued war against terrorism, nation observed golden jubilee of 1965 victory. Defence day celebrations paid homage to our war heroes. Taking advantage of the occasion, COAS sent a loud and clear message for internal as well as external consumptions. COAS speech stated realistic paradigm, calling an end to appeasement policy towards India. The involvement of spoilers in derailed Af-Pak relations was a louder mention, telling enemy to refrain from intrusion. Besides revisiting victory of 1965, COAS detailed a future course of action ensuring a stable Pakistan.

India is the second largest populated country in the world where they are currently facing numerous problems such as unemployment which is raising the crime rates but their PM is busy in pondering towards other countries, especially Pakistan. The whole world knows the reality of India which is a so-called nuclear power for whom a pigeon across the border is a nightmare. They don’t have guts to see in our eyes that’s the reason they are playing cheap political games to destabilize the peace of Pakistan through proxy wars such as sponsoring BLA, BLF and TTP who are spreading terrorism in Pakistan. India very well knew that Pakistan is gifted by every natural gift in form of beauty, patriot people, land of minerals, all weathers. Such an ideal place for developing tourism industry and Pakistan gaining its benefit is unacceptable to India therefore they intervened and tried to sabotage the peace of Pakistan. India also tried various cheap methods to ruin Pakistan’s image by sponsoring their paid agents in Pakistani media. The whole world praises our Army and is well aware of the fact that no matter how hard India tries to sabotage the peace of Pakistan, as a nation Pakistanis will make a firm stand and will remove every hurdle from the road heading towards peace! So it’s better for India to stay away or get ready for the consequences because we can’t bear any hurdle in the way of peace!

India should now hear it loud and clear that don’t even think of casting evil eye on us, we have presented you our stance, you should be well aware.


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