FC! Nightmare for the Insurgents


Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism from almost two decades. We are blessed with a God gifted fertile land which consist of minerals, every season, beautiful resorts and all gifts what a one can ask for. The only hurdle in the road leading towards prosperity is terrorism for which LEAs has worked tirelessly right from the day one. The way our forces has performed to tackle this menace cannot be put into words, from Kashmir to Waziristan, FATA, Balochistan, Karachi every place our troops has fought with full devotion and dedication and numerous officers and jawans has sacrificed their lives in the defense of motherland.

Target of FC is Balochistan where Indian proxies were working in form of BLA, BLF, and BRA who were carrying on the agenda of RAW to destabilize Pakistan. These proxies are badly exposed in front of the entire world and a massive operation by the FC has been launched against them which has resulted in rival of peace, the cricket tournament in Bugti stadium Balochistan marked the start of a new era, a terror free Balochistan. It’s an indication that the province is heading towards prosperity. Evidence of the success of FC in Balochistan is the surrendering of several insurgents. They knew a grand operation has been launched against us whom will leave us nowhere but to grave; therefore they have surrendered themselves to FC.

India tried various cheap methods to sabotage the peace of Pakistan by aiding in the terrorism via proxies such as BLA, BLF, TTP etc. Major focus of India was to destroy the peace of Balochistan, creating rift amongst Pashtuns and Balochis and creating hate among them. But their fake conspiracies were failed as Balochis themselves took a stand and openly condemned the involvement of foreign hands. Balochistan is an integral part of Pakistan which is gifted by the nature with various minerals on which the foreign eyes are looking by greed. Motive of proxies was to destabilize the peace of the province and gain benefit from those minerals and this propaganda of proxies was dealt strictly by LEAs, especially FC Balochistan. They sacrificed their lives for making the province prosperous. Along with FC and LEAs major credit goes to the Baloch citizens who stood firm and gave India a clear message that we are Pakistani and no one can break the bond between us. The rival of cricket in Balochistan is an evidence of the fact that backbone of foreign proxies aiding terrorism in Balochistan in the form of BLA & BLF has been broken. The province is heading towards a new era, a peaceful safe and healthy platform. Rival of cricket in Balochistan is a positive step towards prosperity. FC Balochistan has launched a Grand operation against militants which have resulted in surrendering of several commanders. LEAs are ensuring to make Balochistan peaceful which will result in extraction of minerals and gaining benefit of those, which will improve the balance of payment as our expensive mineral will become the beauty of international market. The tiring efforts of LEA has finally paid-off in form of rival of events such as cricket in Balochistan. FC is ensured to make the province free from insurgents.


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