Deadlock in Af Pak Relations


Afg-Pak relations have always been the keystone to stability in the troubled region. Pakistan is held as the prime perpetrator behind most disturbances in Afghanistan and a deep level of distrust exists between the two countries. In past fortunately, change in Afghan regime as well as in the Pak Army leadership has led to improvement in the relationship between the two neighbors. Pakistan has given priority to Afghan cadets over locals as 100 Afghan cadets are still under training at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul. India was in deep trouble as the ties between Pakistan & Afghanistan grew, they couldn’t bare the strong friendship ties. By seeing ISI NDS pact it was a worst nightmare for them therefore they decided to play cheap political games and did attacks on Kabul embassy and blamed ISI for this. The worst situation became when Afghanistan started believing in India and started to sabotage relation with Pakistan. Kabul should understand that peace in both regions is not possible without the cooperation of both countries as India is using Durand line to export terrorism in Pakistan for which a Grand military operation has been launched by Pakistan Army since a year and is successfully moving forward but Afghan need to be serious.

Moreover our politicians need to understand that the nation has not chosen their representatives to create internal rifts, they have some duty to make foreign relation strong. Strong meetings are required by the govt with civil govt of Afg to regain the good relationship between both countries. The recent cross border attacks has raised the question that whether it’s the TTP hiding in Afghan pockets or its Afghan forces who have attacked Pakistan. No matter what the reality is but the current situation between both states should not head towards bad relations because it will benefit nobody but the enemy. Its time for civil military leadership to talk to Afghanistan on their behalf to regain the already built relation to lead operation ZarbeAzb to logical ends.


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