Cold attitude of Political Leadership!


At a time when terrorist and their sympathizers are being killed by the hands of LEAs and they are not finding any hideouts in Pakistan, the cold attitude of political leadership leaves question mark that are they supporting terrorists? Why are their faces dull when the country is going towards prosperity? 14th August have recently passed, the time when everyone witnessed the dull faces of President and Prime Minister. The time when General Raheel and his team were smiling with happiness and faces were fully glowing at the same time politicians faces were so dull that as if they are not happy to see Pakistanis celebrating Independence Day with such patriotism. Moreover Senator MushahidUllah’s interview on such an occasion marked the label of traitor to him, the entire nation stood up against him the way he blamed the most respected agencies ISI and their ex DGs. Giving such anti state interview on the occasion of Independence Day confirmed politicians propaganda of diverting attention of the  happiness being spreaded. When the Army was busy in giving the answer to terrorists by organizing various shows for the nation, politicians were busy in making plans to ruin the event and Mushahid Ullah’s interview in the evidence.

Moreover we have always seen politicians bashing the most respected institute which confirms the stance of politicians. When Karachi operation is being carried out and fruits are visible in the form of reduction to a large number of terrorist activities the frustration of MQM is increasing day by day. The stance of Sindh Rangers is very clear; they have carried out apolitical operation and have targeted those who were found suspicious. MQM have been exposed in front of everyone and their leaders speech have delivered the message that who is sponsoring them and to what extent are they patriots, anti-state elements have been recovered by the raids on their head quarter nine-zero.

When MQM have resigned the so called patriotic politicians are again heading towards Karachi to regain the ties with MQM, Mulana Fazal ur Rehman is currently present in Karachi and have agreed to meet MQM’s leadership in Nine Zero. This shows how politicians are depending on MQM and are wishing to bring them back.

Last month Asif Zardari speech also showed their frustration for a department to whom the citizens considers as a beacon of hope.

Currently Army and LEAs have regained peace in Pakistan to a great extent and undoubtedly the credit goes to COAS General Raheel Shareef and his entire team who have worked tirelessly to make Pakistan peaceful. Every Pakistani is now well aware of the fact that who is a real patriot and who is the sympathizer of terrorists!



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