Is this Jinnah’s Pakistan?



Today, if you ask someone is this really the Pakistan that our forefathers envisioned, you are going to be on the receiving end of a huge torrent of negative rhetoric. There will be mentions of corruption, poverty, terrorism, and a whole other barrage of terms that we have grown accustomed to, thanks to our over-charged media. But come to think of it, the truth of the matter remains that we are a nation that has disappointed itself. We have continued towards this path of destruction ever since the inception of this country. It’s our fault as a nation, why are we moving away from the motive on which we made the country i.e ISLAM! We have started to think modernization is westernization. Why to copy them? Why not adapting our own culture?

Pakistan was supposed to be the unbreakable fortress of Islam, but its inhabitants are far away from the true sense of this great religion? Only in our country do children get raped and filmed, only in our nation do young women get stoned for not wearing a dupatta or on the (unproven) allegations of having illicit relations. But this country hasn’t just failed Islam, it has also failed humanity. In our nation, hundreds die from hunger while the population remains engrossed in its own lives. In our nation only do terrorists massacre 132 little children and our leaders think of having ‘talks’ with those murderers. Surely, this is not the Pakistan we wanted.

On a macro level, our country continues to remain a third-world nation that survives only from loans through the more developed half of the world. Our youth remains unmotivated, our traders remain corrupt, our leaders both. This rhetoric can go on for pages, and I can continue to write thousands of words on everything that is wrong with this country, but I shall not do that.

What I shall do, is tell our nation that this may not have been the country we envisioned, but it certainly is the one that we deserve. We deserve it because we remain shackled by inferiority complex. Our nation has shackled itself to the clergy, to the mafia bosses, to the political overlords. Our nation deserves pathetic leaders because we are a nation of pathetic individuals. We blame the leaders on being corrupt when, given the chance; we’d indulge in the same. We accuse the Shareefs and Bhuttos of looting this country when we ourselves can’t refrain from stealing electricity. Our young men, rather than being entrepreneurial and industrious, would much rather watch movies and pursue romantic relationships. Our clergy is more interested in monitoring the length of beard than teach us about the importance of modesty. Our middle class continues to watch silently as the terrorists come for the Shias and the Hazaras and other minority groups.

In the presence of all these things, it is no wonder that our nation is in the present condition. We are a nation of shameless men and women, and we deserve every bit of the trouble that we have attracted. This is the Pakistan that we deserve, and it is here to stay unless we change.

A big thanks to our patriots and Armed forces who have vigilantly fought for such people and atleast have contributed their blood for the sake of Pakistan, but the question again arises Why only Army? Why not civil leadership? Does the country only belong to the Army that they are sacrificing their lives? No it’s the duty of each and every citizen to contribute. Waiting for the day when individual’s life will cost more than simple mud, that will be the day I will say yes its Jinnah’s Pakistan.


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