And 69th year starts……



14th August 2015 marks the 68th anniversary of Pakistan’s hard-fought independence. In this short period of time this country has accumulated numerous achievements, demonstrated unmistakable resilience in the face of adversity, and has indeed shown all the signs of a great nation in the making.

The creation Pakistan saw perhaps the greatest mass migration in the history of humanity; and even with their limited resources, the people of Pakistan showed an exemplary attitude in accommodating the immigrants. Against all odds Pakistan managed a relatively peaceful transition despite being heavily under-resourced after the partition.

Fast forward 68 years and today Pakistan stands tall as the only Muslim country with nuclear capabilities, boasts a formidable military, and inarguably the world’s finest intelligence agency. We have one of the world’s fastest growing economy, a continuously expanding middle class, and an ever growing pool of world-renowned intellectuals.

Development on science and technology plays an influential role in Pakistan’s infrastructure and helped the country to reach out to the world. Every year, scientists from around the world are invited by the Pakistan Academy of Sciences and the Pakistan Government to participate in the International Nathiagali Summer College on Physics. We have produced world class scientists like Dr. Abdus Salam, who have achieved Nobel Prize.  The Ommaya reservoir, Electroweak interaction, Plastic magnet, and Non-Kink Catheter Mount are only a glimpse of the wonderful inventions Pakistan’s have managed in the field of science and technology.

Other than having done fairly well for itself, Pakistan has been a key player globally. We are the largest contributor in the UN peacekeeping force, host to the largest number of immigrants in the world, (mostly Afghan immigrants) and the forefront in the war against terror. Despite having suffered tremendous losses of innocent lives, Pakistanis are ever confident in its military’s ability to eradicate terrorism not only from the country but from the world.

While it hasn’t been a rosy ride by any means, the patriotism and sheer perseverance of the Pakistani people has proven time and again that no one should ever count us out. When there is seemingly no way out Pakistanis manage to conjure up some kind of magic to bail themselves out. This is the beauty of our country and its people.

It has indeed been an unforgettable 68 years and hopefully the future chapters would be even more glorious. With a promising economy, a growing infrastructure, a rich cultural heritage, and a determined youth the acquisition of our goals isn’t too far away. Long Live Pakistan!





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