“Charity begins from home”



Thank You General for once again making us proud! Thank You General Raheel Shareef for giving a strong reply to all those who blame Army for not interrogating their officials, thanks for telling the world that we believe in “Charity begins from home”. Thank You General for telling the entire world that we have transparent accountability system, who so ever is accused, despite of their ranks he is penalized. Thank You General!

But the point arises that is the “Charity begins from home” rule only applicable for Army? Army has always followed it, another example is of (R) General Khalid Rabbani who was serving Corp Commander 11 corp and sent his son on the frontline in the blunt operation ZarbeAzb. Why not politicians? Why not beaurecrats? Why not the so called Jihadi Ulemaas who just know how to criticize others? Why not journalists? Are they only paid for showing public negative image of their country? Infact all of them are greedy traitors who can sale out their self for the sake of money. Its only Army because of whom we are surviving otherwise these mafias would have sold the country away. It’s time for all of them to be sincere with themselves and their country because we are currently passing through a phase where we are surrounded by evil eyes and no internal evil eye can be bared at this sensitive time. It’s time for our politicians to  stop being selfish and instead of personal relations they should start thinking for the sake of their country, because we cannot cure the cult of terrorism until we all are united. The day politicians will become honest and sincere that will be the day Pakistan will be the best country across the globe. Now it’s time for accountability, terrorists who were taking rest in Jails also thought that we will be released but the time came and they were held liable and accountable and they were hanged to death. Now it’s time to extend the accountability and this time it’s the turn of politicians. They all will be held liable. Accountability has begun and the guilty should be scared, very scared!


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