MQM! A hurdle on the road towards prosperity!



I wonder why a person declares himself to be most patriotic when he sitting far away from his country since last decades and moreover everyone is surprised to see blind followers and supporters of MQM. How can they call a person sincere/ loyal to his country when he in not interested in coming to Pakistan. This act clearly shows that the followers are paid agents who are supporting the party of a traitor for their own interest. The party has nothing to do with aiming for a better Pakistan as their leader’s speeches clearly indicated his stance for the country. A leader who can bash the most respected department of his country can never be patriotic. Citizens of Karachi are themselves sick and tired of looting, target killing, ransom etc and the large funding of MQM is the fact that they gather some portion of funds from these criminal acts and the remaining large portion of funding is sponsored by their head RAW. Every peace lover supported the Karachi operation by Rangers, as it was apolitical. The only party that opposed the operation was MQM as they knew that the operation aims to eradicate terrorism completely and being a terror exporter they will never want an operation against them. Moreover the raid by Sindh Rangers on nine-zero further clarified the true image of MQM as highly maintained ammunition was recovered from the destination. MQM leaders frustration was shown as he openly bashed Army in his speech, but this act ruined his image and he proved himself to be the silly leader as he himself dug grave because citizens of Pakistan has always stood along their Army and no-one can bare anyone looking towards their Army with evil eyes and the evil eyes of Altaf Hussain was witnessed by whole country therefore he ruined his image and his act proved the fact ones again that the entire country is with the Army. SSP Rao Nawaz openly told facts and figures of MQM which further proved them to be a party of terrorist. Furthermore proof of RAW’s sponsoring to MQM are there which completely marks them terror sponsoring party and have every characteristic supporting the stance to ban the outfit. Terming MQM a greater threat to the country than defunct Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the government should ban the party, which holds political sway in the port city, claiming it was involved in anti-state activities. BBC’s report made by Owen Betten has also further cleared the point that yes MQM is RAW sponsored party as it gets Indian funding and we know the fact the India is the worst enemy of Pakistan who is playing proxy wars through our media, TTP in FATA, BLA in Balochistan and now it has been confirmed that MQM is also RAW sponsored who is getting funds to carry forward the agenda of destabilizing the peace of Pakistan. But India should hear it loud and clear that we are not a nation who will be afraid of their terror, we all are united against evil eyes and fully support our Army against evil eyes thinking to sabotage the peace of our country.


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