Rangers must stay in Karachi


In Karachi there was a time when mothers didn’t knew that whether our children will come back to home safely or not. More than car horns the thunder of bombs and roars of bullets pierced the ears. The city was no more considered to be the city of lights, rather it was known as the city of terror, but hats off to the current DG ISI Lt General Rizwan Akhtar who took the initiative as DG Rangers and stepped forward towards terrorists and aimed to completely wipe out terrorism from the city. Citizens of Karachi found him to be the beacon of hope and stood firm along them to completely wipe out terrorism. DG ordered apolitical operation where anyone belonging to any political or religious party was taken with hard hands without any discrimination that was found guilty. No matter to which political party anyone belonged, if he was found convicted Rangers took him with hard hands. By talking to the citizens of Karachi I say confidently say that there has been a massive decline in the crime rate of Karachi and it was all possible due to the tiring efforts of Sindh Rangers. They are the pioneers of the peace. The operation has not yet ended but its heading towards victory and it can be concluded that the way Rangers has performed and currently are performing the operation is heading nowhere but towards logical ends. Citizens of Karachi are really happy with their performance; the way they are dedicatedly working to restore peace is highly applaud able. The whole nation is proud to have such a committed and dedicated force who has worked 24/7 tirelessly to make the city peaceful. Political mafias always used police in political means and they usually avoided attacking the concerned political parties but as soon as Rangers started the operation they initiated the step of apolitical operation in which the convicted person was arrested no matter what, MQM the party of terror from whom police was scared Rangers raided on their compound and arrested many of their guilty workers. Latest if we see the election in NA-246 for the first time in history such peaceful elections were contested and it was all due to the efforts of Sindh Rangers who worked tirelessly.  Now it’s the time that trust of citizens has developed fully in Rangers and they won’t Rangers to stay in Karachi until the end of operation and currently Karachi operation is standing on the brink where the operation needs a final push and being a nation let’s all raise our hands against terrorism and support the LEAs and Rangers who are fighting for the upcoming generations. Not only for terrorism, Rangers is assisting citizens in every aspect, last days during heat stroke Rangers facilitated the citizens by developing medical camps in their head quarter. The way Rangers is currently performing everyone wants them to stay in Karachi and finalize the operation as the belief is developed in them!


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