‘Terrorism’ The only hurdle on the road towards peace!


Pakistan is an ideal piece of land gifted by the nature which consist of every attribute one can ask for; every type of weather season, mountains, natural beauty, resorts, deserts, rivers, sea but the only problem which is a hurdle on Pakistan’s road towards prosperity is the security crisis.  Security is an issue which has affected the tourism industry of Pakistan very badly. Northern areas of Pakistan can give immense boost to the tourism industry as it consists of every attribute to attract the tourists. From last two decades Pakistan has sacrificed many innocent lives in terrorism acts, children leaving to school didn’t knew that whether they will return back to their home safely or not. But their blood has not gone vain, along with them the immense sacrifices of our soldiers has paid off in the form of resolve of national crisis. Throughout Pakistan members of LEAs, Armed forces and civilians have sacrificed their lives to strengthen the defense of the country. It might be schools, police stations, funeral prayers, mosque, military gatherings every place has witnessed the thunder of bombs. Each and every Pakistani has been the victim of terrorism, therefore to ensure the safety of the citizens and strengthen the defense Army has launched Grand operation in FATA named operation ZarbeAzb, whereas FC has been fighting against miscreants in Balochistan where there back has been broken and they have started to surrender and Sindh Rangers is engaged in operation against target killers and looters in Karachi. All of them are working tirelessly with full devotion and dedication to restore peace in the entire region and give an ideal platform to the upcoming generations where they can live and make Pakistan prosper. Pakistan is the only country who is facing such security threats although being an atomic power but one shouldn’t forget that its India who is funding terrorism in Pakistan through proxy wars, they are afraid of fighting face to face. Proxies have been exposed badly in front of the world and are currently taking last breaths. We are looking forward for a bright future of our country as Law Enforcement Agencies are working tirelessly in Pakistan to make it a terror free Pakistan, which will mark the beginning of a new era which will be an ideal platform for the world.


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