Pak-Afgh Relations & Impact on Pak!



Pakistan and Afghanistan is interdependent ally of each other as they both connect Durand line of 2200 KM through which RAW sponsors terrorism in Pakistan by using Afghan soil. Last year Pakistan Army started operation in the Afghan border area where terrorists had developed numerous hideouts and were spreading terrorism in all over the country from that particular area. The operation was not possible without the assistance of Afghan officials.

Af-Pak relations have always been the keystone to stability in the troubled region. Pakistan is held as the prime perpetrator behind most disturbances in Afghanistan and a deep level of distrust exists between the two countries. Fortunately, change in Afghan regime as well as in the Pak Army leadership has led to improvement in the relationship between the two neighbors.

  1. Increased cooperation between the two nations will lead to a more comprehensive joint effort against militants that continue to haunt the border between the two neighbors. The fact that a multi-faceted Taliban faction continues to oppose established governments of both the countries really means that Pakistan and Afghanistan have a common enemy who needs to be defeated through joint effort for which efforts of both countries are underway.
  2. Continuing in the same vein, Pakistan’s military operation has begun its last phase in the tribal areas which involved surgical operations against the militants. For this phase to be successful there needs to be an even greater degree of intelligence sharing and this can only be possible by improving relations further. Kabul has also realized that the operation will in fact serve to bring stability to Afghanistan as well.
  3. Af-Pak relations will come under strain from the western powers largely due to the fears of a Russian expansionist policy. In the light of Russia’s recent aggressive tactics, the western powers especially the US are anxious for cordial relations to be restored between Afghanistan and Pakistan so that both the countries can serve as a joint bulwark against Russian foreign policy.
  4. Increasing hostility with the Indians, especially since the coming to power of BJP, has made Pakistan especially keen to strengthen its ties with the neighbors. There has been consistent proof of the Indian embassy in Kabul being used as a base for intelligence activity against Pakistan. The regime in Islamabad is especially worried about the growing influence of such activities and wants to limit them so that they no longer pose a threat to the stability of Pakistan. It is quite clear from the indications that the Indian intelligence agencies have had a hand in recent terrorist activities including the attack on Parliament. Given such a volatile situation, there is a need for restraint from the afghan side and the agencies in Kabul must make sure they do not act on mere whims to jeopardize the Pak-afghan ties.

The recent pact between Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence and Afghanistan’s NDS will serve to open a new era of intelligence-sharing and multi-faceted cooperation which will indeed strengthen the bonds of the two countries. It can thus be concluded without doubt that the key to improved relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan lies in cool, calm intelligence diplomacy and efforts to join hands on all levels of government and establishment.  Currently 100 Afghan cadets are given priority in Pakistan Military Academy Kakul over local cadets and how can the world think that on one side we train their future pioneers and on the other side we attack their parliament? Pakistan is training their cadets for the mutual benefit as the 2200 KM terrain is to be jointly protected by both to stop Khawrjis from entering the territories.


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