LEAs Achieving Success



Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism from almost two decades. We are blessed with a God gifted fertile land which consist of minerals, every season, beautiful resorts and all gifts what a one can ask for. The only hurdle in the road leading towards prosperity is terrorism for which LEAs has worked tirelessly right from the day one. The way our forces has performed to tackle this menace cannot be put into words, from Kashmir to Waziristan, FATA, Balochistan, Karachi every place our troops has fought with full devotion and dedication and numerous officers and jawans has sacrificed their lives in the defense of motherland. Operation ZarbeAzb has successfully crossed the milestone of a year which has destroyed numerous hideouts of terrorists and several terrorists are killed, which has resulted in decrease in a large number of terrorist activities from the country. The fruits of operation ZarbeAzb are visible in form of CPEC that has brought billions of foreign investment to Pakistan which will eliminate the problem of unemployment and boost the economy of our country and will increase the balance of trade moreover the return of International cricket in Pakistan after 6 years is a result of reduced terrorist activities which were only possible due to the tiring efforts of vigilant son of the soil in North Waziristan. Now operation ZarbeAzb is in its final stages and will soon fully clear FATA and IDPs will return to their houses. Another target of LEAs was Balochistan where Indian proxies were working in form of BLA, BLF, and BRA who were carrying on the agenda of RAW to destabilize Pakistan. These proxies are badly exposed in front of the entire world and a massive operation by the FC has been launched against them which has resulted in rival of peace, the cricket tournament started few days ago in Bugti stadium Balochistan marks the start of a new era, a terror free Balochistan. It’s an indication that the province is heading towards prosperity. Evidence of the success of FC in Balochistan is the surrendering of several insurgents. They knew a grand operation has been launched against us whom will leave us nowhere but to grave; therefore they have surrendered themselves to FC. Karachi has been really disturbed from many years, where Sindh Rangers has worked tirelessly without any political pressure and have held the victims accountable no matter to which party they belong. The crime rate of Karachi has been also reduced to a large extent which marks the collective success of LEAs. It might be Army, Air force, Rangers, FC all of them has contributed by working tirelessly to make Pakistan prosperous and give an ideal terror free platform to the upcoming generations so that they can live upon and make Pakistan economically and politically an exemplary country in whole world! Let’s not forget those vigilant sons who have contributed their blood to make the country prosper.


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