Peace lies in success of Military Operations



Pakistan Armed forces never aimed to launch military operations, it is the terrorists who force them to launch. Earlier is Swat, peace talks were signed where TTP sabotage the peace agreement and abducted our 4 SSG commandos including Capt Junaid Ayaz Khan, Capt Najam who were brutally beheaded, such acts provoked Pak Army to launch military operations on them. Last year before launching operation ZarbeAzb, ones again TTP were called to desk for negotiations but it seemed that they again wanted answer in military tone and their aim was fulfilled by Pakistan Army on 15th June 2014 when aircrafts bombed the hideouts of TTP and it marked a new era of ending the terrorism. Currently operation ZarbeAzb is on its way and is covering its milestone with huge success. No one should doubt the fact that RAW is backing terrorism in Pakistan in the form of creating proxies such as BLA in Balochistan and TTP in FATA whose aim is just to destabilize the peace of Pakistan, so we can’t expect anything good from them, that’s the reason that peace lies in success of Military Operations. The situation of Karachi in last year was in front of everyone, where operation by the Sindh Rangers was launched and there have been a massive decline in the crime rates of Karachi. In Balochistan foreign eyes were on the minerals gifted by the nature, foreign agencies tried to play dirty politics by destabilizing the peace of the region by spreading terrorism in Balochistan and blaming Pak Army and ISI for the heinous crimes by which they tried to create a negative image of Pak Armed forces in front of the public for which the Balochis gave them an excellent reply by standing firm against militancy and supporting their troops against terrorism. Then insurgents of Balochistan tried to create a rift among Pashtuns and Balochis by abducting the Pashtuns. FC have launched a grand operation against militants/ BLA and in its result several insurgents surrendered them self. This shows that peace can only prevail via success of military operations because operations are launched to talk with enemies of peace in their tone.

Operation ZarbeAzb have crossed the milestone of a year in which numerous terrorists have been killed and their hideouts have been destroyed by the Armed forces of Pakistan and in its result foreign investments are coming to Pakistan. CPEC is a major fruit of operation ZarbeAzb which will create job opportunities and improvement in the balance of trade of Pakistan which will raise the graph of Pakistan’s economy. Moreover the return of international cricket in Pakistan is also one of the major fruit of operation ZarbeAzb, since the implementation of NAP many terrorists have been hanged and peace has started to return back to Pakistan as there have been a massive decline in terrorist’s activities throughout Pakistan. By seeing all aspects we can conclude by saying that peace lies in the success of Military operations.


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