Grabbing the attention of the audience!


When small children are disturbing their parents, they dont let them stand at a place for fews minutes have we ever noticed how well they sit at a particular place for hours where cartoon network channel is switched on.

Why? Because cartoons catch the attention of a child, they play on child’s nerves. Similarly if we see in our practical life we hold TV remote, start switching TV channels and with a second one particular programs glimpse grab our attention and we spend an hour watching that particular program. Similarly to grab the attention of the viewer such info graphics are published on internet which explains the entire story of 500 – 600 words! Only those posters are viral on internet which grabs the attention of viewer with the blink of an eye. Same is the case for movies; short clips of 2-3 minutes narrate the entire theme. Before launching the official movie its promo of 2-3 minutes is presented on TV channels just to present the theme of entire movie. From that particular promo the audience attention is grabbed after which profit of million dollars is earned. Same is the case in news bulletin, in start headlines are told to the audiences where gist of the news is shown and catches their attention after which audience are booked for the next hour to listen that one particular attracted news. In the newspaper the main heading with attracting words is published on the front page which grabs the attention of the reader and then he goes into detailed reading. This is the main trick of conveying your message i.e convey your message in least time. For writing a blog the main thing is your heading and selection of introductory paragraph because these are the initial lines which leave the impact on reader. The reader should understand the theme you are trying to convey him so that he should advance further and read the entire blog looking for the message conveyed. The writer should make it clear that whatever he is writing should not be confusing, there should not be a question mark in the mind of reader. Instead the blog/script should remove all question marks from the mind of the reader as he continues to read. Let’s suppose the writer is writing his experience of visit to Northern areas of Pakistan, so the writer should not bluntly start by keeping the image in his own mind. He should portray the image in readers mind by telling him the entire experience along with the sketch of the places he visited. Writing only “mountains” will leave a question mark in the reader’s mind, rather if he tells this way; “large snow covered peaks of mountain range surrounded by greenery where buffalos were roaming” will grab more attention of the reader as it portrays the exact image of the particular area.  Emotions play a very important role in every mean of communicating message via media, whether its print media or electronic media, whether its via info graphics or blogs; emotions matters a lot, such as simply describing atmosphere of a busy local health center will not make the reader interested, but similarly saying “A cacaphony of sounds, moans, groans, raspy coughs welcomes you as you reach the local health center” will immediately grab the attention of the reader.  In today’s busy time period the best mean of information or giving your view is to make use of minimum time to convey maximum message. Another main thing is to make use of facts, rather than exaggerating small issues! Often people confuse exaggeration and making the reality interesting! It’s not by the means of exaggeration as it’s not factual; it’s by the way of playing with the emotions of the viewer & reader.


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