Completion of 1 year milestone!!!


June 15, 2014 the day when once again the true face of militants was fully exposed! Negotiations failed and it was time to talk to the miscreants in military tone. The fighter aircrafts flew and bombed the terrorist hideouts. It marked the beginning of a new era, a Grand operation launched on the name of Prophet’s SAW sword. How come the operation not be successful when it’s named after such a name and its being fought by the mujahedeen of Allah. Our soldiers fought bravely and set an example of bravery which will be remembered till the end of this world. It is very clear that our forces are waging such a risky war against militants who have been settled in FATA from several years, the war of 1 year have cost 347 lives of the vigilant son of the soil. They have sacrificed their lives to make Pakistan a better, safe and terror free platform for the upcoming generations! For the generation to come and work on the incentives provided them by the soldiers in form of peaceful platform to enjoy upon. CPEC is one of the major fruit of operation ZarbeAzb which have bought in the foreign investment and created opportunities for employment. Such projects will be bought on regularly basis in Pakistan and our country will be very soon an ideal state with the best economy. By nature we are gifted with each and every facility in Pakistan, the only hurdle on the road of prosperity is terrorism with whom our Armed forces are fighting with full devotion and dedication. While reaching the milestone of an year our forces have gone through several thick and thin during which their morale stayed up to sky and bravely tackled the harsh situation which gave them the gift of killing of 2763 terrorists, destruction of 837 hideouts, recovery of 18087 weapons, death of 218 hardcore terrorists and destruction of factories manufacturing ammunitions! All this was possible just because of the brave efforts of son of the soil. On the completion of a year of operation ZarbeAzb ISPR released a song “YEH BANDE MATTI K BANDE” which totally present’s the true picture of our brave Army. Only those can fight such a risky war who consider themselves to be the son of this soil, only those who are committed and dedicated to this motherland, only those who volunteer their selves knowing the fact that they are surrounded by death and they can leave their wife widow and their children orphan, but for the sake of motherland they voluntarily head towards front line and fight because flowing in their veins is something known as honor, devotion and love for their motherland. In a year 90% of the FATA have been cleared from the miscreants and right now our troops are standing in Shawal Valley, close to Afghan border. Let’s all raise our hands for our troops, our brothers fighting a war to regain peace for the upcoming generations, let’s just say word of comfort that we are with them. Being a nation it’s obligatory upon us to support those troops who are standing in the roars of bullets and thunder of bombs for us; we can sleep freely knowing that trust worthies are standing on the borders. Very soon the remaining FATA will be cleared from miscreants and peace will return the same way as it has returned in Swat valley.  Pakistan Army has always set an example of bravery, and we fully trust on them that they will never let us down, inshAllah they will make our chests widen with pride! Thumbs up our troops.



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