Indian’s the hater of Peace!


When the whole world is praising Pakistan’s countless efforts to eradicate terrorism and not only Pakistan, the entire region is getting benefit from the return of peace. The CPEC signed is to bring foreign investment in Pakistan where employment opportunity will be created for the locals and foreign engineers from which the whole region can gain benefit. By the Tharparkar coal project Pakistan can generate a lot of electricity which can be utilized by Iran as well. At the same time a country whose Prime Minister is a symbol of terror for the peace and is officially listed among top 10 criminals of the world by google is making hate speeches to divert the attention of Pakistan from prosperity towards war, but Modi have forgotten that we as a newly born state crushed them in 1965 with very less ammunition and now when Pakistan is a nuclear power how  we can deal them. War between Pakistan and India will lead nowhere but the destruction of peace and this is what Modi wants at this time. India can never bear Pakistan prospering; they are the biggest enemies of peace. Earlier in FATA their funded proxy TTP was trying to sabotage the peace against which a massive military operation was launched last year in June, which have resulted in destruction of hideouts of TTP and they are taking last breaths. Then India had a close eye on the land of minerals gifted by the nature to Pakistan i.e Baluchistan. A land where numerous expensive minerals are present from which Pakistan can generate massive revenue and improve its balance of payment and can boost up its economy. India intervened there in form of proxies by emerging BLA against whom now FC have launched a grand operation and will be soon eliminated. Through BLA India have made the terror environment of Baluchistan and have blamed our respective intelligence agencies for the present situation. India very well knew that Pakistan is gifted by every natural gift in form of beauty, patriot people, land of minerals, all weathers. Such an ideal place for developing tourism industry and Pakistan gaining its benefit is unacceptable to India therefore they intervened and tried to sabotage the peace of Pakistan. India also tried various cheap methods to ruin Pakistan’s image by sponsoring their paid agents in Pakistani media. The whole world praises our Army and is well aware of the fact that no matter how hard India tries to sabotage the peace of Pakistan, as a nation Pakistanis will make a firm stand and will remove every hurdle from the road heading towards peace! So its better for India to stay away or get ready for the consequences because we cant bare any hurdle in the way of peace!


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