Exemplary Pioneers of the safety!


Since childhood we have been hearing stories of our heroes, Ghazi’s and Shuhdas! As we turn in teenage then we start realizing that these are not just stories to cherish upon, they are the real life incidents. Incidents those have made our country stand firm. The base of our country has been constructed by the blood of numerous patriotic people. Since 1947 to till date every time there is someone who is sacrificing his life, house, family for the sake of prevention of motherland, to sabotage the intentions of enemy and to give them a message that don’t consider us to be a light enemy. We are the toughest! It maybe world’s highest battle field (Siachen) where temperature may fall up to an extent that blood get frozen or it might be deserts or rivers, the lion hearted vigilant son of the soil never think about their life because flowing in their veins is something known as devotion and love for their motherland. They go there where death fears to go. In recent years if we see, the biggest problem Pakistan is facing is terrorism for which our brave soldiers have displayed an exemplary role. Many important lives have been lost in fighting a war against terrorism. Young officers and Jawans of Pakistan Army have sacrificed their lives to make an ideal platform for the upcoming generations. From the most junior rank to the maximum rank everyone has contributed their blood. It may be Major General Sanaullah Niazi Shaheed or the living hero General Haroon Aslam of SSG who took the initiative of freefall jump during heli-borne operation in Swat valley by which resulted in death of 751 miscreants. A young son of the soil Lt Faiz Sultan Shaheed and his family have set a long lasting example by sending their younger son to the same unit 4 FF from where his brother Lt Faiz Sultan shaheed got martyred by receiving 22 bullets on his chest at an age of 23 years. No enemy in the world can harm our country until we have such dedicated parents and their motivated children. On the world highest battle field 6 NLI gave a joint contribution by sacrificing their lives while serving motherland when the temperature was below minus 60 degrees. Our Army has been successful to a great extent in eradicating terrorism, along with making an ideal platform for the upcoming generations they have set an example for the upcoming generation’s i.e “Give a perfect answer to those who even think about pondering towards us with evil eyes”. Brave son of the soil have set an ideal example which will be followed by the upcoming generations. Terrorist attacks on children are its evidence that terrorist consider themselves to be the weakest and don’t have guts to face our troops so they try to shake the morale of small children by attacking them unarmed, but they gave a perfect reply to terrorists that we are a nation who is not afraid of these type of attacks. The response of civilians and young children towards terrorism is evidence that the brave blood of soldiers is transferred in the next generation and it can be proudly said that they will follow the footsteps of our heroes and will never let the country down. The nation is proud of brave soldiers of Pakistan Army who always played an exemplary role in safeguarding the country. Their bravery will always remain in practice by the upcoming generations!


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