India the champion of proxies!


Those who don’t have guts to see their rivals eye to eye make use of proxies to destabilize them. Example of India is the best for using such proxies. They know very well the consequences of inviting Pakistan for fight that’s the reason they have opted the mean of using proxies to destabilize Pakistan but their dream will never come true. Foreign proxies like TTP and BLA are already taking last breaths. BLA’s commander Wali Kalati has surrendered himself in front of Pak Armed forces which are evidence that foreign proxies are losing their grip over terrorism in Pakistan. By the massive operation against TTP their hideouts are eliminated from Pakistan and the country is going towards prosperity which will be an ideal platform for the future generations to live upon.  India have been using cheap methods to ruin the image of our country in front of the wider world by playing dirty politics of establishing media channels in Pakistan which aims to show negative image of Pakistan in front of the wider world. Such fake conspiracies won’t last longer as RAW’s funding of terrorism in Pakistan have been exposed in front of the entire world. In our daily life if we see media keeps on highlighting negative news of Pakistan, any target killing takes place its name is bluntly put on Army and ISI without having any proofs which make us understand that the moto of these media channels is to ruin the image of our country in front of the wider world. Other than media RAW is funding BLA in Baluchistan and TTP in FATA to destroy the peace of the region but as a nation we will not let this happen. Our Army has already broken the backbone of TTP and now BLA leaders are themselves starting to surrender because they know the ultimate consequences of all proxies running to destabilize Pakistan will same as of TTP. India should stop playing these proxies wars and concentrate on their numerous problems. Previously their PM Nirender Modi tried to become a hurdle in CPEC as watching economy boosting in Pakistan was unacceptable to him for which he got a good reply. India has always indulged in issue of Pakistan with whom they have nothing to do. Grand operation has been launched in FATA after which it needs to be extended to the wider parts of the country to end the proxy games. We are hopeful that soon these breaths of proxies will be over by the collective efforts of LEAs.


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