India should not be mistaken…


India is the second largest populated country in the world where they are currently facing numerous problems such as unemployment which is raising the crime rates but their PM is busy in pondering towards other countries, especially Pakistan. The whole world knows the reality of India who is a so-called nuclear power for whom a pigeon across the border is a nightmare. They don’t have guts to see in our eyes that’s the reason they are playing cheap political games to destabilize the peace of Pakistan through proxy wars such as sponsoring BLA, BLF and TTP who are spreading terrorism in Pakistan. Indians have been badly exposed in front of the entire world. Pak Army has indulged in a massive operation against TTP and their sympathizers (ZarbeAzb).  Currently when peace is returning to Pakistan, India is indulged in fake conspiracies to destabilize the peace of the region. Previously Pak-China has mutually agreed on the agenda of CPEC, which will give a boost to the economy of Pakistan. As soon as the news of peaceful Pakistan crossed LOC, Indians started to get frustrated and started cheap conspiracies to sabotage CPEC. India’s aim of sabotaging CPEC will never come true. Few days ago another fake Indian conspiracy was exposed where they targeted Pashtuns in Mastung. They tried to create a rift among Pashtuns and Baloch but they didn’t knew that we are only and one Pakistani! No power in the world can break the bond between us as we all are united against those who are against our prosperity.  India should hear it with open ears that CPEC is a finalized decision of both countries Pakistan and China which is not a concern of India, so they should better mind their own business rather than indulging in a matter which is of no use to them. Pakistan have strong command and control system where civil and military leadership is working on national interest and are on a similar page on which there is no space for the haters of peace. Pakistan is heading toward prosperity as we have fought war against terrorism for the upcoming generation, to give them a platform to prosper, a safe and healthy terror free platform after which no one can stop Pakistan from prospering in the world. CPEC is just the initial step of prosperity and India is started to have pain, wonder what will happen in future when they will see Pakistan fully prospering. India should not be mistaken that we as a Pakistani nation will do what India wants. We are an independent nuclear state and fully capable to deal with the enemies of our peace. We are terrorist for the terrorists! If India is even thinking of sabotaging CPEC they should come out of imagination and witness the reality where Pakistan have successfully fought against terrorism and have bought prosperity in Pakistan! India should hear it loud and clear that if you don’t want to see peace and prosperity in Pakistan, we also don’t like to see those who are a hurdle in our road towards prosperity. So India should better stay away from our matters or they should be ready to face the consequences. I’m sure those who are afraid of pigeons don’t have guts to stand in front of our SSG commandoes.



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