BLA’s death future of Balochistan!


RAW have been badly exposed in front of the whole world. No-one should doubt that it was RAW who was funding terrorism in Pakistan. It might be in form of TTP or BLA. India was benefitting from Durand line and was exporting terrorism from that border into Pakistan but by the collective efforts of Pak-Afghan TTP has been badly killed in which operation ZarbeAzb have played a vital role. Signing of ISI-NDS pact has also proved to be beneficiary for both countries. Currently FC is indulged in operation against militants in Balochistan. Mama Qadeer is one of the big fish who is funded by RAW to destabilize the peace of Balochistan. Last month during COAS’s visit to Quetta he warned foreign agencies to stay away from our region and later in Corp Commander meeting it was officially discussed and exposed that RAW is behind the motive of destabilizing Balochistan. But the question arises Why Balochistan?

Balochistan is a land where nature have gifted expensive minerals and Indians eyes full of greed are pondering towards them because they want to get benefit from there for which they have funded and made their stand-by party known as Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), who is having connections with RAW. TTP, BLA and RAW are the same coin with different sides whose motive is just to destabilize the peace of Pakistan. They have been involved in several jeopardous terrorism attacks. Balochi son got missing by their head Mama Qadeer who is a paid agent of RAW and was previously involved in killing of Sabeen Mehmood. To regain peace in Balochistan a full fledge Grand operation against BLA is required in Balochistan for which unity of the Pakistanis are required. The tribal fights among cast in Balochistan need to be eradicated as the beneficiaries of these fights are BLA. Latest the painful incident of Mastung has arosed where BLA tried to play dirty politics by attacking the innocent civilian Pashtuns to create a rift among Pashtuns and Balochis but we as a Pakistani nation will prove this dirty politics to be wrong and be united against BLA because we all are one and only Pakistani, nothing else. Our aim is to wipe out terrorism and their sympathizers. ZarbeAzb need to be extended to wider parts of the country specifically in Balochistan because it was the same operation which destroyed the brothers of BLA i.e TTP and it is considered to be the worst nightmare for the terrorists because they can only fight a war of proxies, they don’t have courage to see in our eyes. After the elimination of BLA Pakistan will gain a lot benefit from Balochistan as it consists of many minerals which can give a large sum in return which is likely to solve the problem of loan and improve Pakistan’s balance of payment and will eventually boost the economy. Foreign proxies are taking last breaths in Pakistan which will be very soon pulled off from roots.


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