Zarb-e-Azb… Future of FATA


June 15, 2014’s morning! The dawn for the world and Dusk for the terrorists. Negotiation failed and Pak Army opted their way of negotiations with TTP, thunders of bombs in North Waziristan were witnessed by the mountain belt of FATA! It was the worst nightmare for terrorists which came true. It all began when TTP were not ready to collaborate with Pak Army to live peacefully, then Pak Army opted the correct way to deal with such so-called peace lovers and dropped bombs by Airstrike. It began the era of Zarb-e-Azb which has turned out to be the future of FATA. It have been 11 months since the operation have started and had produced several fruits for not only FATA but for all of the Pakistan, such as International cricket’s returning after 6 years, foreign investment etc. Pakistan Armed forces were committed to eliminate terrorism from the state and a major focus was on North Waziristan because it was the most disturbed area of FATA. Majority of the North Waziristan have been cleared and is in its final stages. Within 11 months 90% of North Waziristan have been cleared which shows the sincerity of our Army with Pakistan. IDPs are very soon to return back to their houses where Pak Army will welcome them as they stood firm in the hard times and cooperated with army to fight the war against terror. Pak Army sacrificed their lives whereas IDPs sacrificed their houses and accommodation and lived in tents for 11 months and showed their solidarity.  Now when it’s time for them to return back, they have vowed to collaborate with Pakistan Army to stand along them and make the entire area united. IDPs are committed to eliminate terrorism completely, and form a unity in their area by removing to issues of tribes among themselves and work together on one agenda i.e to sustain peace in the area because peace is not gifted in wrapped papers, it cost many lives and blood. IDPs are now well aware of the fact how much Pak Army has shed blood to restore peace for the upcoming generation.  IDPs witnessing of the devotion of Pak Army have made them aware of the facts which will be transferred to future generation by them. It will create unity among the tribes and our Army which means when all of them will be on a single page no one can dare to think about destabilizing us. Previously in South Waziristan houses were built for IDPs which were destroyed during the operation, the same phenomena will be used in North Waziristan to restore infra-structure and built cadet college and schools for the grooming of the students and make an ideal platform for the upcoming generations. Hence I will conclude by saying that Zarb-e-Azb is for the future of Pakistan in-particular prosperous future of FATA.


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