Why Pakistan needed Nuclear Nukes?

nuclear nukes 28th May 1998, 15:15 hours! The time we roared! The time that we still cherish, the time that gave a clear message to the enemies of Islam and Pakistan that don’t consider us to be an easy enemy! By the tiring efforts of Pakistani scientists under the supervision of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan were successful in making Pakistan an atomic power which was always the worst nightmare for the wider world! This day marked Pakistan to be the 7th Nuclear power as we passed the nuclear threshold. The question lies why Pakistan needed nuclear nukes? The answer to the question is simple, when you are having the worst enemy of yours in your neighbor such strong defense is the need of the country. Nuclear nukes not only strengthened Pakistan but it was also an eye opener for the super powers to think before pointing out towards any Muslim state.  Only those know the value of being a nuclear power who are not! Imagine Pakistan without nuclear nukes, foreign proxies especially RAW would have bitten Pakistan. Interference of super powers in Iraq and Palestine is an answer to the question why Pakistan needs to be nuclear power! Pakistan nukes provide this world a strategic balance of power for the third world countries. Currently Pakistan is providing safety to the Muslim world which is right on the target of the west-India Nexus. Previously when Pakistan was passing through the worst phase of terrorism, our enemies were taking its advantage and attacking us at LOC when our Army was busy dealing with the terrorists. Having courage of firing at an atomic power makes us think Pakistan without nuclear nukes. In my opinion nuclear weapons are not a solution to every problem but it’s definitely a greatest strength. Becoming a nuclear power delivered a clear message to our rivals to think before pointing towards us. Although we are currently facing some weaknesses but we are not defense less, World # 1 Intelligence service, followed by World # 1 commandoes and the main factor being an atomic power makes our defense the strongest. LOC’s violation is just a leg pulling by our enemy; they will never have courage to look in our eyes and attack from the front. This makes us the only Muslim country that is not easy to conquer. Our rivals are well aware of the fact that we are not an easy opponent, and it’s just because of the influencing factor of being a nuclear power.  In past if we see Indian Defense minister has openly threatened Pakistan, which also answers the question why we needed nuclear nukes! Bribe offered by US during the 17 days before Pakistani nuclear testing is a question from my side, why were they offering bribe? Why didn’t they want us to test missiles? The answer is simple, they didn’t want any Muslim state to have an honor of being an atomic power, but we proved ourselves to be the protection shield for whole Muslim ummah by successfully testing the nuclear missiles at Chagi mountain of Balochistan and making Pakistan proud and cherish upon. Pakistan will surely remain a threat to proxies trying to destroy the peace of Muslim countries! 11214217_495863997235389_3884798454894309067_n


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