Providing a platform to future generation to prosper


Pakistan Army was always committed to eliminate terrorism from their roots and make Pakistan prosper. If we have a look on last few years what did we witnessed? Siren of ambulances, headlines of casualties, bomb blasts, afraid of going to school. But by the sacrifices of vigilant son of the soil we have overcome the problem to a very large extent and the way our forces have been and are still performing very soon our country will be terrorist free and will prosper.  But the question remains that for whom?  Why did people like Capt Mearaj Muhammad, Capt Qasim Zia, Capt Akash Rabbani sacrificed their lives? Was it their job? No they considered it to be their duty, not job. They aimed to wipe out terrorism from the state and make it prosperous for the upcoming generations. Their aim was to give a good and safe platform to upcoming generations where they can freely enjoy freedom in true essence without having grudges of terrorism. This war is committed for the upcoming generations and their prosperity. Pakistan is blessed with COAS like General Raheel Shareef who have lauded that the war will continue till the elimination of the very last terrorist. General mentioned that the war is not ours, it’s for the upcoming generation who will have a safe platform to live and enjoy upon. In future if we carry out the current strategy no power in the world can stop Pakistan from being a most successful country in the world. The only problem here is of terrorism which will be very soon solved by the immense effort of our Armed forces. More over our country is blessed with every natural resource, landscapes, minerals, all type of weathers. General Raheel Shareef’s strategy is providing a very good platform to the upcoming generation where they can boost up the economy of the country to the maximum extent. Terrorism free Pakistan will have a big tourism industry, local engineers working on Balochistan minerals, thar-parkar coal being fully utilized and multinational companies in Pakistan which will be witnessed by our upcoming generations for whom the real fight is being fought. The highlights of upcoming generations prosperous Pakistan are already visible in form of returning back of International cricket, Pak-China economic corridor. Future generations will definitely witness a huge difference of balance of trade as our local industries will gain values due to foreign investments. It’s just the starting, there is a bright future waiting for our generations but let’s not forget those who are making this possible.


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